Actress and timeless beauty, Angelina Jolie, has spoken out about life after divorce from actor Brad Pitt, and how she and the couple's six children are settling into their new lives in an interview with Vanity Fair. 42-year-old Jolie divorced 53-year-old Brad Pitt last September 2016, after the couple's relationship came to a head when Pitt was accused of physical and verbal assault whilst on a plane with his then-wife and their children. Jolie is now the primary guardian of the couple's six children - Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh. Pax and twins Vivienne and Knox.

Angelina enjoying motherhood and being a stay-at-home mom

Jolie filled Vanity Fair in on her and the kids' recent move into a brand new house in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. The move, for Jolie and her brood, is an attempt at a fresh start after the difficulties that they have faced over the last few months. Jolie revealed to Vanity Fair that she is thoroughly enjoying taking a break from her acting career and focusing on her children. The star is reportedly living a very normal life at the moment and she revealed to the magazine that she is not planning any upcoming work on films in the near future. Jolie recently directed the film, "First They Killed My Father", which is expected to be released on Netflix this coming September.

The film details the catastrophic reign of terror which unfolded under the rule of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in 1975.

Brad has admitted alcoholism may have affected relationship

Pitt, during an interview with GQ Style last May, openly admitted to struggling with alcohol and has acknowledged that this may have been a contributing factor to his relationship breakdown and subsequent divorce.

The divorce proceedings have been very difficult for the actor, who had supervised visits with his children following an investigation into child abuse. The actor was cleared of the accusations in November 2016. Reports suggest that Pitt is seeking joint custody of the couple's children. The final divorce settlement has yet to take place, but Jolie and Pitt have publically stated that they are working hard together on co-parenting and re-building communication.

Jolie's health has also suffered in the aftermath of the divorce and she has been dealing with hypertension and Bell's palsy. Bell's palsy is a medical condition which usually affects the muscles on one side of the face and can either lead to facial stiffness or "drooping". The condition is usually temporary and Jolie has credited acupuncture with her recovery.