Everyone loves the opening weeks of “America's Got Talent” when so many gifted performers are granted passage forward in the talent competition, and get to keep lifelong dreams going for a while. This Tuesday night, July 18, however, was the start of the hard part that cuts the roster and cuts to the heart of performers—the Judge Cuts. “America's Got Talent” goes through Judge Cuts this season before America has its say in the selections, and Chris Hardwick, comedian, and host of “The Wall” certainly seemed to be right at home in his chair on the judges’ panel as the guest judge.

Hardwick announced that he was going to pass all negative decisions off to Simon Cowell, but he still had his share of memorable moments. Some favorites could not muster the same initial fondness from their auditions, while others remained stellar. The night started off with a furry and familiar hero and later had a handful of downright horrifying moments for performers and unexpected high notes.

Hero and some heavy favorites

There could not have been a more uplifting start to the night than what Sara Carson and her shelter dog and constant ally, Hero, delivered. This time, every judge on the panel saw the devotion and delightful attitude of this canine, and the commitment of his trainer. The storyline was centered on fine art theft this time, and there were jumps, tricks, dances, and balancing components that thrilled every person watching.

Chris Hardwick couldn't quite catch Hero when he dashed to the panel area, but Sara and Hero caught approvals all around this time.

The senior singing trio, The Masqueraders, also celebrated the pure delight from the panel of judges. Their performance of Sam Cooke's classic, “Bring It on Home to Me” sealed their fate to go forward.

Chris Hardwick joined in every fellow judge in remarking that advancing age is never a hindrance to a true gift, or a lifelong dream, one which these artists in their 70s never stopped dreaming.

Painful farewells followed for the comic, Harrison Greenbaum, and Howie Mandel's favorite, with his fondness to urge “Make some noise.” Howie and Chris both agreed that his style was all the way or nothing, and they got it, but others on the panel didn't want it.

Dancing Pumpkin Man found a true friend in Chris Hardwick, who knew him from his Internet phenom fame, but the others were underwhelmed with his second effort, sparkly suit and all.

Magicians, magic moments, and mesmerizing terror

Magicians, Tom London and Eric Jones, are two brilliantly talented magicians, and both men brought something astounding and unique for this make or break performance. London traveled around the world, before the judges each divulged their favorite destinations. Eric Jones started out with a hammer in his appeal to impress Simon Cowell sufficiently this time. To his credit, he asked the judge in the first chair to move down, before he busted Simon’s buzzer open to reveal the card that he asked Chris Hardwick to sign.

Both feats were exquisite, and this was master slight of hand or hammer!

Darling Angelica Hale took on a very big-girl song with Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire,” so much so that Simon Cowell admitted his doubts of the little girl being able to do it. There were no worries on that score from the second the little singer opened her mouth. Every chorus soared to the rafters, and Chris Hardwick marveled at how “those big pipes” fit inside such a little body. He then made an even bigger smile beam from Angelica’s face, because he hit the golden buzzer. Angelica’s parents cheered from what appeared to be very high seats, and celebration reigned along with the shiny confetti.

Darcy Callus sang his heart out on Queen’s “Somebody To Love,” but Simon felt that this rendition fell short, despite Chris Hardwick lauding the “cute, sensitive singing guy” as the one that would always ruin his chances in college.

Carlos de Antonis had another glorious moment on stage, but there was stiff competition for the opera singer, who will be getting much better offers for gigs after this “America's Got Talent” experience. Another performer who cashed in on all the America and “America's Got Talent” allure was The Singing Trump, who brought boy band delivery to his routine.

For those who like fright, Yossein Chee stepped up the scare factor in his act by balancing atop a single glass bottle filled with deadly liquid and then defying death by positioning himself precariously above a multitude of knife blades, before making a terrifying descent.

The man who took Simon Cowell’s breath away, and made America think that the first “America's Got Talent” on-air demise might have just happened was Demian Aditya, who had himself shackled and chained by every limb, then buried beneath the ground.

When his seconds of succeeding in his escape elapsed, and his camera feed vanished, Simon Cowell stepped in, calling “Get him out!” to the crew. In seconds, the escape guru revealed himself, dressed as one of those very crew members, Simon Cowell was stupefied, and that doesn't happen often.

More surprises surely await for Season 12.

The seven going on from this week are:

Angelica Hale-golden buzzer

The Masqueraders

Sara and Hero

Just Jerk (dance troupe)

Demien Aditya

Eric Jones

The Singing Trump