Alicia Keys caught us all off guard last year, challenging women to ditch the concealer and liquid foundation and really get serious about skincare. She began showing up on television last year with a covetous natural “beat.” According to W Magazine, Alicia’s makeup artist Dotti is the woman to applaud. She has been helping Alicia maintain clear skin but does add a touch of glam here and there. Alicia Keys has us all impressed and fascinated by her natural yet stunning beauty. But in her online post, she wrote that she no longer wants to mask her God-given glam.

Dotti shared some of her beauty to-do’s that has allowed Alicia to make such a bold move.


According to Dotti, it’s not just the MV Organics Skincare products that are working wonders on Alicia Keys skin, but it’s also what she consumes. She is selective with the foods she chooses and practices other good habits like working out. It is the varying condition of the singer’s skin that determines whether Dotti tweaks Alicia’s skincare regimen. The makeup guru, who also did Bella Hadid’s makeup for an Allure Magazine cover photo, uses ice to tighten her face and liven it up. But how exactly is this done? Dotti sits a jade roller in ice until it is really cold, then rolls it about her face.

Lip treatments are also included in her routine and followed with a quality lip balm.

Spa-like Treatment

Another technique Dotti tries involves cucumber. She gets the pulp out of the fruit and rests it on certain areas around her eyes and cools down her whole face when she covers every region of her face with the pulp. In addition to Alicia’s use of rejuvenating acupuncture, she also gets treated to rubbery face masks.

Another part of the ‘Girl on Fire’ singer’s skincare regimen, which is surprisingly a ‘no-no’ for many women, is oil. Dotti says that oil is actually an essential, and she usually distributes Jojoba oil and an oil cleansing tonic by MV Organics.

Just a small amount of makeup for television

When it comes to televised events, Dotti applies only a bit of makeup to emphasize small features in Alicia’s face.

She highlights Alicia’s freckles with the felt tip on a brow definer, specifically the kind made by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Rather than using the brow definer for what it’s actually for, Dotti takes single lashes from falsies to create the appearance of a full brow. Dotti opted for a gold-hued anti-aging serum instead of foundation to make her natural look pop. She says that she’s sure she will get to give Alicia a full face again.