The "America's Got Talent" has paid tribute to one of the contestants of the TV show, Brand Rogers, who faced his tragic death through a car accident on June 11. To recall, Rogers already filmed his audition prior to his untimely passing. It has been believed that his family has requested for the said tribute in honor of the 29-year old singer's memory. Apart from being a singer, Rogers was also a doctor of family medicine. Many were saddened when the news broke that he was found dead after the accident.

In one of his interviews, Rogers had shared how passionate he was in combining his talent as a singer and being a family doctor.

Apparently, it has been a dream that he longed to fulfill. During his audition, the late contestant has wowed the judges when he rendered his soulful performance, a touch of the song from Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon in the Sky."

Standing ovation performance

During his filmed audition, it can be seen how one of the judges sing along with him. He was considered as one of the best talents of "America's Got Talent" recent season. In fact, Rogers was praised among the audience and has gained standing ovation during his audition performance. In return, such overwhelming response brought tears to Rogers as he performed.

Amid his death, everyone will always remember his talent. A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that the late contestant has already been considered a star during his performance.

Howie Mandel once admired his passion in both medicines and in singing. Meanwhile, Simon Cowell, one of the panels of judges, shared that Roger's vocal work was simply exemplary.

Touching tribute to a talent

As the "America's Got Talent" paid tribute to his untimely passing, everyone on the auditorium became emotional. The entire production of the show has thanked Rogers for once sharing his talent to the world.

Further, that Tuesday night episode also featured some of the best musical performances and comedies during the season. Apart from the tribute, the viewers were also given the chance to watch all the scenes that they never been seen before.

Such night was also devoted to Rogers which was considered as one of the most touching tributes to a contestant.

To recall, his talent was discovered back then by a certain producer. Rogers was known for posting his videos on Instagram while covering the songs from Boyz II Men. Since then, the late contestant gained lots of praises from his soulful vocals.