It was a publicity stunt on the part of Amber Rose, who went the opposite of posing topless and instead she donned a bikini top and completely exposed her undercarriage in a picture. Amber Rose posted this rather risque picture on her Instagram page and it did last a little while before it was taken down. But like anything else that gets just a moment's exposure online, screenshots, tweets, and Facebook posts manage to keep even the unimaginable alive and well.

Instagram launching pad

The fact that her picture was going to be copied plenty of times once on Instagram didn't escape Amber Rose, in fact, she counted on it.

Once she posted the picture she knew it was online to stay. This lady is no dummy when it comes to getting her own way. She even taunted Instagram with a selfie video that she posted later on. E News reports that she wrote a message in the video which is seen below.

"When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don't give a f--k because everyone picked it up already #amberroseslutwalk #bringbackthebush."

This crotch shot picture was Amber's way of promoting her 2017 Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival and if she wanted to draw some viewers to her page, she certainly struck the right pose to do so. Amber Rose did not bare her breasts in this photo, as she had on a black bikini top.

She is donning a black fur coat, but it is wide open so that you can see the full area of her crotch.'

Here to stay

Amber posted this picture on Friday night and then it was taken down. On Sunday the Internet was still searching for that Amber Rose crotch shot. It isn't hard to find, it is saturating the online world when you do a search of her name.

Some of the posts have her private area blurred, but others do not. Her lady garden is in full view in many of the posts. As the Mirror suggests, this shot leaves nothing to the imagination.


Is this about defiance for Amber Rose? Her message was rather daring and taunting to Instagram. She knew it would be taken down, but she didn't care.

All she did was use Instagram as a launching pad for this picture. While Amber Rose isn't concealing anything in her pants that is any different than what half of the population of this world harbors beneath their clothing, unlike half of the population she doesn't seem to have any modesty to speak of.

Future problems

While this is all well and fine today because at this moment in time she is only hurting herself by exposing her private area, how is she going to feel when the love of her life gets old enough to search the web? Amber's 4-year-old son is at a great age today for her to keep him sheltered from what the online world harbors, but kids grow up and he will undoubtedly see this picture of his mom one day.

Even worse, a classmate might see it first and taunt Amber's son while in school. There's a lot more involved than just herself when Amber posts a risque picture and it is something she could live to regret. What do you think?