Amber Rose became the subject of Internet craze after she uploaded an explicit photo of herself for the annual celebration of SlutWalk. The now-deleted post featured a half-naked model, showing off her unshaven private part to her 15 million Instagram followers. The American model was even pissed when the photo-sharing platform deleted her post for its nude content.

It's all about feminism

The 33-year-old model insisted that her post was meant to promote feminism. In the said post, Amber Rose was wearing nothing at the bottom except for a pair of sandals.

Although is was deleted on Instagram, the viral photo is still available on her personal Twitter account at the moment of writing.

Despite the fact that the "Master of the Mix" judge is known for her suggestive and revealing fashion sense, Amber Rose's followers were still surprised by the model's behavior on social media. Some of them slammed her for being a disgrace to her son, Sebastian, while others defended Amber Rose from her latest controversy.

'She's all about body positivity.'

A source close to the model clarified there is no agenda behind the viral post. Amber Rose reportedly posed for that photo to "push people's buttons and cause controversy." The affiliate, however, underlined that the mother-of-one was not trying to make her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa, jealous when she uploaded the photo.

The runway model's primary intention for posting her bottomless picture was to showcase her body in which she is proud of. "Amber posted it because she wanted to provide an alternative body image from the usual stick-thin model types young girls are subjected to seeing day in and day out," the unnamed source explained.

Amber Rose was hoping that uploading her Nude Photo would encourage all women to love their bodies regardless for their size and shape.

The American model has yet to give a formal statement on the issue. However, Wiz Khalifa's former lover has been updating her Instagram account with fans' photos, imitating her infamous pose.

The "Celestino" model started a test she called "Amber Rose Challenge," where fans can submit their own version of her controversial photo.

Similarly, her witty and creative followers used different materials (from McDonald's fries to their pet cat) to cover up their crotches.

"Post your version of my picture and hashtag #AmberRoseChallenge [on] behalf of feminism, body positivity and not conforming to society norms of how we should live, what we should wear and where we should shave," she wrote.