Americans are often too earnest. We wake up each day, follow our necessary agenda, listen to our local or national news - which is frequently depressing - and go to sleep. Rinse And Repeat. Rinse and repeat. It's a never-ending cycle of disappointment for many. We are constantly too caught up in the daily politics of society to remember that life is about family, friends, and happiness.

While sadness is a feeling we must endure, it's, more importantly, a vital ingredient in truly grasping the full value of joy. If we're always happy, how can happiness really be appreciated and not taken for granted?

Tucker responds to the left

Monday, August 21, on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight,' the Fox News primetime host said, "even the president saw it. But in a move that is not a complete surprise, he looked directly at the sun without any glasses. Perhaps the most impressive thing any president has ever done." The comment was in reference to the solar eclipse that occurred earlier in the day.

Most would have understood the sarcasm and wit Tucker's words demonstrated, but not the Liberal Media. Several journalists, reporters, and news channels took his words literally.

On Tuesday evening, Tucker's response couldn't have been better.

The back half of the segment included the host of 'The Greg Gutfeld' show.

Gutfeld and Carlson made a mockery of the leftist media. Several ridiculous statements were made by the two to see how far the "fake news" media, as POTUS likes to call them, would take this whole situation.

These radical times demand laughter

While America is facing some difficult times these days, with its congress and citizens divided politically and socially, it is absolutely necessary that people add a daily chuckle or two to their to-do list.

Tucker Carlson is a humorous person, but also very intelligent and sincere when need be. The fact the liberal media confused the two is absurd. Nonetheless, are we really that surprised this happened?

This is the same side of the aisle who just removed an Asian-American from calling a college football game in Charlottesville, VA because his name was Robert Lee.

ESPN executives, who made this decision, received huge backlash on Twitter afterward.

The media was a large part of President Trump's rally speech in Phoenix Tuesday night. He assertively suggested that most of the media is extremely biased toward him. In fact, Trump specifically singled out one channel, CNN, multiple times throughout his speech. He even let the viewers know that CNN had turned their cameras off during the speech, most likely due to his persistent onslaught against the network during his "fake news" tirade.

However, the president did acknowledge one news channel in a positive light. He said the only network that provides him fair coverage, which is the only one he most likely watches, is Fox News.

This compliment to Fox probably infuriated all other networks, but I'm sure it greatly exhilarated at least one person - Tucker Carlson.