Agents of SHIELDSeason 5 is already underway as the ABC series will allegedly premiere in early 2018. The beginning of the production has not been revealed yet, but recent updates occurred on Twitter.

It was unfortunate that “Agents of SHIELD” panel won’t be joining the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, which means only one thing: there will be no updates about the Marvel series. However, thanks to the latest tweet of makeup artist Wendi Lynn Avignone, the avid followers of the show finally heard some news about SHIELD.

Is ‘Agents of SHIELD’ delayed?

According to Comic Book, viewers won’t be seeing SHIELD for awhile to make room for “Inhumans” TV series. The new Marvel show is set to be released on ABC network. Before this, it will also have an initial premiere this fall on IMAX theaters.

Despite the disappointments of not seeing “Agents of SHIELD” anytime soon, this may do well for the show. It can be recalled that the series suffered due to low ratings, which also resulted in long gaps between the seasons. In season 4, the show tackled three pods: “Inhumans,” “GhostRider,” and “LMD.”

During the previous installments, the series would usually introduce a storyline after the other on midseason break. Meanwhile, season 5 is expected to return in 2018 with no setbacks.

As for the plot, no details have been confirmed yet. Still, the season finale cliffhanger left the viewers hanging, and they probably won’t stop predicting what’s next until the fifth season returns.

What’s next in Season 5

SHIELD agents finally managed to escape from the Framework. However, a mysterious group captured them, and the next thing viewers saw is Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) doing his labor in space.

For now, there is no confirmed information about the show’s release date.

On a brighter note, as mentioned earlier, it is still a good thing that the ball keeps on rolling as the filming continues. Wendi Lynn Avignone captioned her tweet with “Bare walls and all! Soon 2 b filled with memories made at #AOS #ComingSoon #SeasonFive #newbeginnings.”

Furthermore, one of our previous “Agents of SHIELDreports reveal the possibility of introducing another organization called “SWORD” in season 5.

Aside from this, its female leader named Agent Brand was described as “most humorous and sarcastic character.” Has Phil Coulson found his match? Stay tuned to Blasting News for more updates. Share your thoughts in the comment section.