There were doubts if "Agents of SHIELD" will be renewed for another installment, but now that Season 5 is confirmed, what awaits the avid followers of the show? The ABC series will reportedly return for another 22 episodes. IGN recently interviewed Jeffrey Bell and Jed Whedon and it seems like Coulson (Clark Gregg) will definitely be hanging out in space on season 5. It can be recalled how he was in a spaceship, gearing up for work again during season 4 finale.

More problems ahead in 'Agents of SHIELD' season 5

It hasn't been easy for Phil Coulson to be the SHIELD director. Whenever he solves a problem, another one will occur.

One major proof of this is the season 4 cliffhanger. Just when SHIELD team is about to take a break, they ended up being kidnapped and dragged to a space station.

Meanwhile, a theory occurred among the early reports which pertain to a new organization that will be introduced in season 5, SWORD. According to the earlier mentioned outlet, SWORD is the latest addition to Marvel comic book. It was first introduced on joss whedon's Astonishing X-Men series. While SHIELD is protecting the earth, Sentient World Observation, and Response Department is an organization that supervises stars and most importantly, alien invasions.

They are tasked to protect space station called "The Peak" from any external threat. It is assumed that this is probably the place where Coulson woke up.

Just like SHIELD, the organization has their own director named Agent Brand. The said green-haired, half-human female is described as the most humorous and sarcastic character in the Marvel Universe.

Will Jed Whedon carry out the SWORD angle?

As mentioned earlier, Joss Whedon has a connection to the said space organization. Therefore, a chance where the brothers might desire to incorporate them in the story is not impossible.

After all, viewers would be delighted to see a humorous showdown between Agents Coulson and Brand.

Moreover, "Agents of SHIELD" might be gearing up for the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War." Let us not forget that the ABC show is part of a big universe, along with "Inhumans" TV series, with Odinson and Hulk being dragged into space during the "Thor: Ragnarok." Everything obviously points toward the fact that SHIELD might take a new start outside the earth.

SWORD is one aspect that actually connects Marvel. Furthermore, season 5 was moved to Friday timeslot.

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