The panel for “Agents of SHIELD” Season 5 was not able to give fans satisfying updates as they were not around during San Diego Comic-con International. Despite this, it is still a relief that the upcoming season is in the works. The ABC series has a questionable future and whether we see more of it or not, will be based on the performance of the fifth season.

“Agents of SHIELD” was always vocal about not being able to do many things due to a lack of budget. One example is sustaining the appearance of Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider as CGI effects are costly.

Lots of aspects affected the show’s stability. On a brighter note, Carter Matt pointed out that the show managed to get better over time.

How ‘Agents of SHIELD’ managed to stay alive

Aside from season 5, the future of 'SHIELD' is expected to feature more star-studded cameos and badass CGI effects all through the season. However, season 4 ratings reached the bottom state again, which made things far more depressing. Carter Matt also revealed that there are two reasons why “Agents of SHIELD” is still on the go.

The first is Marvel’s connection and as most people know, the prominent comic company is under the umbrella of Disney. The second one is the low ratings in most ABC shows. If the network obtained better digits elsewhere, SHIELD’s return for season 5 would be at stake.

The series time slot was moved from Tuesday to Friday nights and is unfortunately nowhere to be found in the fall premiere. It is safe to say that the series indeed has uncertain future. The anxiety of waiting is in place and while everyone remains patient, they do hope that the ratings get better in season 5. One thing avid fans can do to help the stability of the show is to watch them live.

If the situation does not permit the sixth season, Netflix would be the closest option for the agents.

Season 5 theories are up

Thanks to the cast and people behind the show, eagle-eyed followers are getting occasional updates through social media. During the season 4 finale, the series surprised viewers with Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg).

Since then, many theories popped up mentioning the possible entrance of a space organization called SWORD.

In addition, the return of SHIELD’s inhuman team - Secret Warriors was also teased. However, nothing is for sure as the production team and cast did not confirm anything about these theories. Fans do not have any other option but to wait for “Agents of SHIELD” season 5 to return. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.