Dwayne ", The Rock" Johnson and Apple, have teamed up together to make an advertisement about Siri. The ad aims to teach people on how to use the apple application. The mini-movie show how Siri has helped "The Rock" in his never-ending schedule and conquered one of his busiest days. With the help of Siri, Apple wants to promote to push the voice assistant to be part of people's everyday life. Apple's ad also was created to show some activities of Siri that may not have known by everyone.

Siri helps Johnson in his busy schedule

The 4-minute ad video titled "The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day" was released on youtube yesterday and has come up already with a 4.8 million views.

In the mini-movie, the Baywatch actor has able to defies time and do various activities like painting the Sistine Chapel, pilots a plane among other outlandish tasks and even explores space, all thanks to the help of Siri. In a caption put by apple under the ad video, it says that "You should never, ever any circumstances underestimate how The Rock can get by in a day despite his schedule, and that is thanks to Siri."

One of the entertaining parts of the commercial is the wallpaper of Johnson in his iPhone where in he wears a turtleneck and a gold chain. The video ended when The Rock walks off his Hollywood set, face beaming and says "Hey Siri, you're the best.

I love you, too."

Many still think that Siri is not useful

On the other hand, even though the advertisement came up well, many are still not charmed by Siri. The reason is that Siri has not really improved and gained useful attributes since it was launched on the iPhone 4s in 2011. The voice assistant was supposed to help humans in a generation of voice-based mobile devices.

Critics say that the idea of Siri is too unrealistic. Even though the features are great, the application never fulfilled its said features. Apple has been promoting the voice app for six years, but it still could not make Siri more interesting or useful. This fall, Siri will turn six and Apple announced that it had expanded the application's feature.

Despite the announcement, many still say the Siri is practically the same as it was when it was introduced in 2011.

Even though Apple was the first major smartphone-maker to put a voice assistant in its devices, they admit that they had faced many struggles in the past few years and no longer holds the uncontested position at the top. Despite the current state, Apple still believes that application they have launched will someday achieve the goal it was created for.