Adele is a famous singer from the UK who has gained international fame. She began in career in 2006 when she secured a recording contract and since then the star has worked tirelessly for her successful career. Her sultry voice can not be matched and she has won a number of awards including a Golden Globe for best original song. The star has had problems with her Vocal Cords in the past and had to have surgery. During her latest tour she strained her voice and since then has been struggling to her back to 100%.

Adele has gone completely mute

The singer damages her vocal cords on her latest tour and since then has been resting to get them back to strength.

However, Adele is still experiencing trouble with her voice and has decided to rest her voice completely. The singer has resorted to using a made up Sign Language to communicate with people. Adele even refused to speak when she was checking out schools for her 4-year-old son.

She is relying completely on her husband Simon to translate for her and to ask questions. According to the Mirror, the singer is very frustrated with her current situation and appears to be in pain. Adele's team are extremely worried for Adele and hope that the damage caused to her vocal cords will not be irreparable. Adele has previously stated that she may never tour again and now with her recent vocal strain the case may be that she will no longer be capable of performing again.

This is not the first incident with her vocal cords

Fans of Adele will know that the singer damaged her vocal cords back in 2001. She experienced a vocal hemorrhage and as a result, the singer had to undergo surgery on her throat. She recovered well from the surgery and was back performing as soon as she could. This previous injury leads to weakened vocal cords and many suspects that this lead to her injuries now.

There has been no comment as to whether or not Adele will have to go for another surgery on her vocal cords.

For now, the singer is resting her voice completely. According to News AU, she is very distressed at the present time and is hoping for a full recovery. Adele has recently been approached by the producers of "James Bond: 25" as they hope that she can sing another hit song for the movie.

Adele and her family have recently settled back down in the UK. They have been going about their normal family life and have been trying to keep away from the press. Adele's son is due to attend school in the next term and the family has been checking out possible school's.

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