A massive vigil was held for the Grenfell Tower victims following the fire that ripped off the entire building. It was one of the most surprising moments when Adele, the pop star, appeared to offer some hugs and comforts to the victims. She appeared in a low-key profile in London, on June 14, in order to support the loved ones of the victims of that unfortunate incident.

She was spotted in one of the scenes in London together with her husband, Simon Koneki. Adele was seen very emotional as she hugged and comforted the fire victims. The singer made trends in the social media, and most of them praised the star for what she did.

In one of the tweets in Twitter, it stated, "Adele is an angel, she deserves heaven, biggest heart ever, so proud of her.”

Death tolls

The horrific fire in the Grenfell Tower in London reportedly affected hundreds of families. The Metropolitan police had partially reported that there were about 17 people who were confirmed dead, but they fear that its death toll could rise to more than 100 people.

The shocking fire tragedy had significantly affected the citizens in London, including the emotional pop star, Adele, who appeared in the location to show solid support. She was seen walking along the crowds, crying and giving comfort to the victims. One of the fans noticed that Adele was wearing an Abaya, which is commonly worn by Muslim women.

Lots of her fans were grateful for her presence on the vigil. Further, the singer also offered help to the fire victims and any assistance which she thought she could give. Apparently, most of her fans now considered her a woman with a beautiful soul.

Support for the victims

Apart from the support given by Adele, some celebrities also pledged to send their support and aid to the victims.

Jamie Oliver also offered some free foods at his nearby restaurant. On the other hand, Rita Ora also sends her prayers to the affected families of the horrific tragedy.

It is believed that hundreds of the residents in the Grenfell Tower building perished due to the devastating fire. As per police report, 74 victims were being recovered, and 18 of those were in the critical condition.

Most of the authorities feared that the numbers of victims who died in the incident will still increase.

Right now, all these victims are treated in more than six hospitals in London. Firefighters are still removing some bodies in the location, and they added that people should no longer expect that they will still find someone alive.