Modern Family star Ariel Winter is a big fan of wearing revealing clothing and outfits that can hardly be considered as clothing at all. Winter has also been very adamant about the fact that she could care less what the world around her thinks. Ariel is no stranger to body shaming and festers a lot of hate for the online world as a result of it. She, however, always tries to move past the body shaming. After all, she’s still a woman who wants for women to be able to enjoy life without having people tell them what to wear and how to look.

Recent body shaming

Ariel Winter was recently body shamed because of a tiny lace top and some short – booty shorts – she was sporting. Her fans claimed Ariel appeared to have “squeezed” into the shorts. These same body shamers did not think Ariel should be wearing such small and revealing clothing. The “Modern Family” star, however, decided she wasn’t going to take the shaming lightly.

Winter clapped back at those who shamed her outfit by reminding them that it was summer time outside. Sumer time meant it was hot outside and she wasn’t going to put on layers of hot and uncomfortable clothing just to make the masses happy. She stated that no one could force her to “suffer” in a turtleneck during the summer heat.

Her own mother slammed her

The body shaming has been so bad for Ariel Winter that her own mother even threw a shade at her recently. Though the pair is estranged, it didn’t stop her mother from slamming her choice in revealing and sexy clothing. In fact, Ariel’s mother claims it is sad that her daughter is in a place where she needs to dress in such a revealing manner in order to get attention.

Ariel, however, maintains she dresses however she wants and doesn’t care what people say or think. Considering Ariel’s stance on the issue, it doesn’t really seem like she’s dressing in revealing and barely-there clothing for attention.

Ariel emancipated from her mother when she was a teenager and has had a poor relationship with her ever since.

According to Winter, her mother is best described as a toxic person. The only method of communication the two have is through the press at the moment. This, however, is alleged to be because the mother has not made an attempt to reach out to her daughter in a number of years. According to Winter, her mother has the nasty habit of going to the tabloids instead of just trying to talk to her.

Ariel Winter is a celebrity who knows she looks good and isn’t afraid of what her haters have to say.