The upcoming issue of Time Magazine is one that the Trumps would likely not laminate and display on the family’s golf courses. Although the issue is not fake and a Trump family member is on the cover, the accompanying article is not flattering.

It is unlike the fake March 1, 2009, issue that featured billionaire Donald Trump which declared his reality TV show, “The Apprentice,” a TV smash hit.

The upcoming issue features Donald Jr. on the cover with his email scandal the cover story.

Time shows no mercy

Mashable noted that the cover of Time – which asked the president to remove the fake cover in his golf courses – transposed the email text onto the face of Donald Jr. The most damning words – such as “Hillary info” and “I love it” – are in bold. The website reminded the Trumps that Time covers “show no mercy … in case it slipped their minds.”

With the words “Red Handed” slapped on Donald Jr.’s face, the cover story by Time writer David Von Drehle discusses the speculations that the Trumps possibly conspired with Russian officials for the real estate billionaire to win over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Twitter users had a field day commenting on the Time magazine cover. CJ Werleman tweeted that the president will likely not pin this issue of Time to the walls of Mar-a-Lago. Erick Fernandez added the cover may cause Trump to get angry at his junior for being on the magazine’s cover. Cinderella Man called the cover “badass,” while Hend Amry pointed out that the magazine artist imposing the words “I love it” just right above Donald Jr.’s upper lip makes the presidential son look like a German dictator.

Caught lying

Time wrote that the email exchange of Donald Jr. with British publicist Rod Goldberg, which he tweeted to pre-empt The New York Times that exposed the real purpose of his meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, overrode months of denial from the Trumps.

It dashed the claim of the president that the ongoing FBI investigation of the Russian interference is a witch hunt.

Donald Jr. was asked on July 24 if the Russians were trying to help with his father’s campaign. He replied the Democrat accusation was disgusting and phony. “I can’t think of bigger lies,” he was quoted then by CNN.

The email speaks for itself what happened. There are, however, a lot of answered questions that are left for special counsel Robert Mueller and his team to discover and unravel.