The fake Melania Trump has returned to CBS. Just as the real FLOTUS finally moved to the White House on Monday with son Barron, actress Laura Benanti, Melania Trump impersonator, brought back the character on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Her perfect impersonation, from the pouting lip to the poker face and Slovenian accent, matches Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impersonation. The witty segment that lasted almost five minutes covered a lot of issues not only about the first lady, but also her relationship with the president, because of a lot of speculation that their marriage is in trouble.

Moving to the White House

When the real Melania and Barron arrived, the White House released a photo of the couple and their 11-year-old son. Netizens, however, noticed the unhappy look of the former model. The impersonation picked it up by having Benanti say she is happy moving to Washington even if her face indicated otherwise. “These are my happy eyes,” she insisted.

She described her five-month stay at the Trump Tower in New York as so lonely doing whatever she wanted and whenever she wanted. The fake first lady called it her prison of freedom, as The Huffington Post reported.

Hand-slapping explained

Besides waiting for her son to finish school, the impersonator explained that she also waited for the Comcast guy to cut her cable.

She showed some things the FLOTUS brought to the White House to remind her of her New York days.

Besides her toothbrush, the fake Melania held a framed photo of her and Donald in Israel where the hand-swatting incident happened. Benanti, however, clarified that she did not swat the president’s hand. It was not a slap, she pointed out because she mistook his hands, which as so small, for a mosquito, Newsweek reported.

Another memento from New York she brought was a foldable ladder “in case” she has to escape from the second floor of the White House. Benanti also touched on talks of an impeachment following the damning testimony of former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday. “They are?” she asked while not masking her bright eye and smile, an obvious allusion to their alleged unhappy marriage.

Trudeau and putting America first

In a reference to Americans’ obsession with the young and handsome Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, the fake Melania said because America took a vow to have Trump as their president, they have to live with him. She stressed Trump will be their president for better or worse, in sickness or no healthcare and no matter how America fantasizes about Justin Trudeau. Benanti ended the interview with admonitions for people who still doubt to just drink their troubles away while making America great again.