Abby Lee Miller reported to Prison last week and after her first few days behind bars, it looks like the former "Dance Moms" coach is not having the time of her life. As a matter of fact, Radar Online is reporting in an Abby Lee prison update that she's having a rough time in her new, temporary home.

Abby Lee has a new job in prison

It turns out that Abby Lee Miller may have been appointed one of the worst possible prison jobs. The former dance coach won't be teaching other inmates how to pirouette. Instead, she's reportedly been given toilet duty.

To make matters even worse, she's only getting paid 12 cents per hour to scrub those toilets. What a sh***y job!

It sounds like cleaning toilets is a job that Abby's new prison home in Victorville, California tends to hand out to new prisoners. Rumor has it that Abby was given bathroom duty on Friday and Saturday and that she'll be ordered to keep cleaning toilets for at least a few weeks.

Inmates not impressed with celebrity status

It seems that the other inmates at FCI Victorville aren't exactly impressed with Abby Lee Miller. Did she even listen to the prison consultant that she hired? If she had, Abby might know better than to hide out in her cell looking scared to death.

Abby Lee doesn't want to end up in a fight during her prison stay so she's reportedly keeping to herself.

That might be a good thing because, as a security measure for Abby, special restrictions have been placed on telephones and email. On top of that, video conferencing is not being allowed and that has upset a lot of women who already weren't fans of the reality star.

Abby Lee is already complaining

Rather than suck it up and start counting down what is left of her 366-day sentence, Abby Lee is reportedly already complaining about her time in prison as if she thought it was going to be easy.

At the top of Abby's list is the noise of the prison. Abby is having a hard time with the constant noise and interruptions even when she's inside her cell. Apparently, the flashlights bother Abby when the guards are doing cell checks and she's not been quiet about her complaint.

Abby isn't getting the "Orange is the New Black" celebrity treatment.

It turns out she's scared of the guards and thinks they are going out of their way to disrupt her sleep at night by shining lights on her. Naturally, Abby has already complained about the food too.

Thankfully, Abby Lee Miller will be allowed to shop in the commissary soon. Hopefully, she can find a few prison snacks to help get over the awful food. As far as the noise, she'll get used to it but if she doesn't toughen up in there, the inmates are going to take total advantage of the former "Dance Moms" star's insecurities and that could cause her some trouble.