"Dance Moms" alum Abby Lee Miller recently participated in an exclusive tell-all special about her final days before her 366-day stay in prison. The reality TV star reported to FCI Victorville's facility last week with cameras in tow as she did so in order to capture the last glimpse of the star as she headed into the prison.

The star was seen in her car eating Mac And Cheese out of Tupperware as she was driven to the facility, and she broke down in tears on the way. Abby will be serving her one year and a day sentence for bankruptcy fraud after hiding over $775,000 from the US government.

She is also serving time due to the fact that she transported over $10,000 into the United States without declaring it at customs.

A sad moment for the star

The star broke down in tears as she self-reported while having her very last meal. Twitter fans have blasted the former "Dance Moms" star, laughing that she was crying into her mac and cheese as she made her way to the facility. However, during the interview with "The View's" Jedidiah Billa, the star broke down in tears saying that it was all over for her. She said that she was afraid of being physically assaulted in prison and that things would probably be pretty bad for the star while she served time.

She also stated she thought she might not survive prison, saying that a whole gang of people who wanted to kill her might actually just do so if they wanted to, which frightens her tremendously.

She also stated that they could make her life a living hell if they wanted to and she is concerned they will do it for her.

Abby's days in prison

Rumors have been flying about Abby's days in prison thus far. The star is evidently cleaning toilets for 12 cents an hour just like all other newcomers to the facility. It is guessed that after a while, she will move to the kitchen where she will be cooking food for the inmates.

The star has also been said to be spending the majority of time by herself instead of mingling with other inmates. It is reported she has spent most time on her bunk reading romance novels. She has also complained that the correctional officers are treating her unfairly and forcing light into her eyes and doing other things that have annoyed her specifically because she is famous. It is also rumored that the star has gotten into a screaming match with other inmates during her time in the clink. Seeing how she behaved on "Dance Moms," the rumor definitely seems believeable.