Cate Blanchett, known for her work in the 1998 film "Elizabeth," will play Hela, Goddess of Death in the upcoming film in Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Thor: Ragnarok.The actress stated her hopes of seeing more female villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Goddess of Death wants more villainesses

During her interview with E! Online, Cate Blanchett explained why her role as the Goddess of Death was important for her and why it’s one of the reasons she wants to see more female villains onscreen.

She explained that she realized that she was the first female Marvel villain onscreen and hopes that there’d be more villainesses in the future.

She said that there’d been many female villains in the comic books but the movies have been a little tardy in bringing them to the screen.

Cate Blanchett’s reason why she joined Thor: Ragnarok

Cate Blanchett also commented on one of the most intriguing scenes in the trailer where the Goddess of Death destroys Thor’s supposedly indestructible hammer Mjolnir. She said that it was exciting that Marvel was prepared to destroy Thor’s power in the first few minutes of the film and that it was a nice entrance. You can watch the scene from Thor: Ragnarok’s official trailer below.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has developed a habit over the years of getting critically acclaimed actors on board for being the main bad guys.

In “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” they got Robert Redford to play Alexander Pierce. In “Guardians of the Galaxy,” they got Kurt Russel to play Ego.

We also watched Michael Keaton in his full glory as the Vulture in the most recent “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” And now, we are waiting in anticipation for “Thor: Ragnarok” where Cate Blanchett will play the Hela, Goddess of Death as the first female main antagonist.

Despite the fact that we already know that Thor, Hulk, and Loky will survive “Thor: Ragnarok” due to their presence in the “Avengers: Infinity War” exclusive trailer back in the D23 expo, the fate of Asgard and all its people is yet to be revealed. Speculations regarding Thor’s homeland is currently swirling all over the internet.

And after the reveal of his first appearance in the Infinity War trailer, things appear to be shaping pretty bad for the Norse God’s planet.

Another thing that points to the destruction of Asgard is Hela’s character and Thanos’ infatuation to her in the comic books. This probably hints at Cate Blanchett’s character is more than a mere one-off character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is set to hit the theaters on October 25, 2017.