This Summer TV lineup has introduced a lot of new shows with a diverse cast that we should be binge Watching or jumping into for the next season. Even some of these shows have been around on Demand, but have you may not have had the time to get around to watching them. It is finally time to snuggle up and check out these 5 selections I recommend, and will certainly bring a little diversity to your DVR.

'Claws' Season 1 (2017)

If you've seen the now canned, "Scream Queens" by Ryan Murphy, you’ll know that Niecy Nash was the best part of the show, hands down.

And it seems that network TNT has noticed as well, because now she’s the leading star in the latest hot television dramedy, "Claws", as Desna. Desna is a nail artist and shop owner who had rough beginnings getting her own shop. The show debuts new actress, Karrueche Tran, who has done a stellar job as her less-than-smart character, Virginia a new salon addition, who turns the pursuit to happiness for Desna and her fellow nail artists, sour. It’s crime, sex, drugs and nails, the perfect recipe for a hit drama.

'The Carmichael Show' Season 2 (2017)

I had my doubts about this show from the previews. The year for the live laugh track sitcoms is long over, and with the market almost over saturated with comedies, what could this show bring to the table?

Easy. Conversations - the ones we don’t want to have about race, shootings, alcoholism, assisted suicide, slavery and everything in between. With a show with few off limit subjects, you’ll be sure to put the PC culture at the door before diving into this show. It follows the fictional family of Jerrod Carmichael, the creator of the show.

It is almost always set in his parents house, played by Loretta Devine and David Allen Grier, and features his onscreen brother, Bobby played by LilRel Howery, who played Rod Williams, in the movie, "Get Out". The cast is almost seamlessly fitting, and the dark humored situations, while outrageous, make you understand the family in a way that you wouldn’t in other shows.

The latest season is out now with enough episodes to binge for the next few days..

'Power' Season 4 (2017)

I'm pretty sure this is a part of everyone's Summer premium television line up; this show that features a former drug pin turned club owner, James St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick. His life is all picture perfect until an old flame, now FBI agent, Angela Valdez, enters his life and an affair ensues. This show is about the struggle of having a secret life, a secret affair and a secret name all for the sake of keeping his past alive. The best part of this show is Tommy, played by Joseph Sikora, his childhood friend who's 100% badass. It also features the show's producer, rapper 50 Cent.

'Insecure' Season 1 (2016)

You know a show is good when you can go through fifty emotions and still be back for more. "Insecure" is the HBO show created by Issa Rae, and tailors a lot of her personality in her character of the same name. The show is about her as a community outreach coordinator and planner, whose life isn’t going anywhere with her going-nowhere-fast boyfriend, Lawrence. Her lawyer friend Molly, Yvonne Orji, who is on the bounds of success finds herself in the opposite position; without a man. It switches between the two as in insightful look into the lives of an awkward black woman trying to dabble into her creative side to avoid the numbness that is her dying relationship and a corporate achiever who finds herself adjusting to a world where woman of color have to.

There is a lot more to it, and the jokes never fall flat. The lipstick-mirror scene had me in stitches, black lipstick for the win. Season 2 airs July 22.

'Atlanta' Season 1 (2016)

You better get caught up on this hilarious drama about an up and coming rapper, Earn, played by actor-comedian Donald Glover, A.K.A. Childish Gambino. Many know him for his comedic role as Troy, from "Community." His character, as well as his cousin, Alfred, played by Brian Tyree Henry, go through hilarious hijinks and crazy efforts to make it in the rap game until finally, Earnest does after going viral. If you want the inside edition of what it takes to be an Atlanta rapper, with sophisticated social commentary and perfectly timed jokes, this is the show to watch.