Issa Rae is still on top of the world as she and HBO gear up for Season 2 of the highly-successful "Insecure." Everyone has been put on notice about Issa's contributions after recently being honored by the Los Angeles City Council for her contributions during Black History Month.

Issa Rae and 'Insecure' are raising the bar

The reason that the L.A. City Council chose Issa Rae for recognition on Tuesday had everything to do with her new HBO show and the way she depicts black characters on it. While introducing the hot new black actress, Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson touched on why Issa was chosen.

He said:

"We are often portrayed as being a little bit more violent and criminal that we are, a little bit more sexual and promiscuous than we really are, having a little less love of family and responsibility and industry than we do, and into that picture along comes Issa Rae."

Issa Rae started her journey to the top with a very successful YouTube series called "Awkward Black Girl." Before catapulting her to stardom and an HBO series, the YouTube series that collected more than 200,000 subscribers and 23 million views while it was running.

Staying with the theme that made her famous, Issa also released a book that has become a New York Times bestseller. "The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl" was released in 2015 and in two short years, Issa Rae's book has become a favorite among readers and book clubs.

Everyone should be watching Issa on HBO

The award-winning HBO comedy "Insecure" is a show that everyone should be watching both for its incredible writing, humor and a much more positive portrayal of Black Americans. In it, Issa plays a teacher in a Los Angeles youth center where she works with inner-city kids from south L.A.

The series is refreshing, fun and very edgy, bringing a group of characters to life that anyone could get attached to and connect with. Issa Rae deserves to be honored for her outstanding work on the HBO series as well as with her previous web series and book.

Although a premiere date has not been announced yet, starring Issa Rae is in the works and will debut at some point in 2017.