Yes, you correctly read the cash prize! Winning the lottery is not a piece of cake. And hitting it twice might seem to be an impossible task which, if nailed could drive people crazy. Said this enough, some people really have the abundance of luck it seems.That is the thing that transpired a certain, fortunate California resident who is still in high school, Rosa Dominguez, through her random stoppage at the two gas stations in her city.

Dominguez has hit up the jackpot of $655,555 for the two lotteries that she had purchased within a week. She has already collected the amount from the "California Lottery's East Bay District Office" in Hayward.

How did all this happen?

Rosa Dominguez was driving home from Arizona. On the way, she stopped by at a gas station in Paso Roble and, from there, she bought a scratch-off card of $5 in San Luis Obispo County. Later, much to her surprise, she Won the top prize of $555,555 from that lottery card.

Few days after winning half a million dollars, she halted at one more gas service station in Greenfield. There too she purchased a five dollar scratch-off card and her luck followed her again and much to her amazement, it passed the test too as she won the lottery one more time. This time the reward on the second lottery was of amount $100,000.

Thus, this way the teenage girl's winnings totaled to the amount of worth $655,555, as reported in a June news release by the "lottery organization." There is even a picture surfacing on the internet in which the 19-year-old girl is seen holding her vouchers of both the lottery wins

Rosa's reaction after she won the lottery

"She was so nervous that she simply wanted to cry," Ms.

Dominguez told that to the California Lottery organization when she reached their office to collect her winning amount. The California Lottery organization confirmed that Dominguez recently gathered her $655,555, the total sum of the rewards of her two lotteries.

Wondering how the teenager will use her big jackpot? Then read her reply further.

When the organization questioned the frenzied teen about what she was going to do with such a huge amount, just as any young girl, her reply was, "I intend to go shopping and get a new car for myself from the winning amount" as reported by the California lottery organization. This, for the young girl, is totally a win-win situation, literally twice the win. Time to celebrate girl!

This, for the young girl, is totally a win-win situation, literally twice the win. Time to celebrate girl!