The "young and the restless" fans are set to witness intense drama this week. New spoilers reveal that Chelsea will pay a visit to her best friend's funeral. Apparently, she felt sad knowing that Chloe killed herself. Despite the fact that she killed her husband, Chelsea still loves her as a real friend.

Chelsea was never happy seeing her friend dead. She never intended for her to end her life. It will be a heavy feeling for her and she'll have to carry it for a long time. Meanwhile, spoilers hint that Kevin will notice Chelsea in the funeral. With this, he starts blowing off what's on his mind and will blame her for the suicide.

Kevin wants her to go.

Chelsea meets Kevin

Latest spoilers for "Young and the Restless" reveal that Chelsea will try to explain her side to Kevin. It cannot be denied that he has accused her of the death of Chloe. However, Chelsea takes her time to explain that she was her best friend for a long time. Chelsea will also explain that she still loves Chloe despite what she did to her husband.

With this, Kevin starts to calm down. He will try to see the situation from her point of view and happily, it works. However, another problem will arise when Nick shows up. He will have a different feeling and this time, Kevin won't handle it anymore. Viewers are expecting to see intense drama at Chloe's funeral and this is something no one wants to miss.

Apparently, Kevin is in a horrible situation and he definitely needs time to cool down.

He has to learn to parent their child alone. Basically, her daughter needs his comfort after she lost her mother. Looking forward, Kevin has to move on from grief since he needs to focus on his family now.

Adam Newman's return

New spoilers reveal that Adam Newman's return on the series is not a false hope. Eric Braeden just took to Twitter and hinted about Michael Muhney's return on the show.

After much speculation, it has been confirmed that Muhney was rehired and Adam will actually come back.

For the meantime, fans have to wait on when Newman's role be written back into the "Young and the Restless" plot. To recall, he was the most talked about character during his time. At the height of his popularity, he was fired from the series. The show had to let him go due to his behavior.

Nonetheless, his return to the show will make all his fans happy.

Further, Braeden has responded to some of the tweets and he tried to ask fans to be patient as Muhney's return to the show will not take too much longer.

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