"young and the restless" spoilers tease that something fishy could be going on with Chloe's (Elizabeth Henderickson) sudden death. Her death will rock several loved ones, including her mother, Esther (Kate Linder) and soul mate, Kevin (Greg Rikaart).

Is Chloe really dead?

The main question is if Chloe is really dead. On Wednesday's episode, she seemed dead, but what if Victor (Eric Braeden) arranged for Dr. Harris to fake Chloe's death? It would protect her from going to prison, as well as save his hide from being linked to her for Adam's (Justin Hartley) murder.

"Young and the Restless" spoilers tease that minutes before Chloe supposedly killed herself, she was going to attack the doctor with a pair of scissors and break free. It doesn't seem to match the behavior of someone who is actually suicidal. "Y&R" fans aren't sure they believe she died. And, if she did, most viewers think Victor is behind it.

Was Chloe Murdered?

Let's assume that Chloe is dead for a moment. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chloe could have been killed. Victor had a reason to want Chloe dead, but would he stoop to killing someone?

"Young and the Restless" spoilers suggest that it isn't likely.

Right now, Victor has a huge mess on his hands with Chloe and his ties to Adam's murder, so would he risk getting in deeper by killing Chloe? It's unlikely. And, Chloe has unpredictable behavior, especially when she is backed into a corner.

Victor has a history of working with mentally ill people

If you remember, a few years ago on "Young and the Restless," Victor worked with Kelly (Cady McClain) and tried to help her win Jack back.

He helped her fake her death and tried to work with her. Kelly was unstable and ended up dead, but it wasn't Victor's fault.

The idea that Victor is working with Chloe isn't hard to believe. He likes to work with those he can control, and let's face it; he has tons of leverage on Chloe.

So, what's ahead for Chloe?

Elizabeth Hendrickson told the "Young and the Restless" fans on Instagram that she just wrapped up her time on the CBS soap opera this week.

That means that we still have five more weeks of Chloe scenes, so it's likely that she isn't dead.

What probably happened is Victor told Dr. Harris to give Chloe a drug to slow her heart rate so she would appear dead. They may have told her that as soon as her family sees her at the morgue, she could leave to start her new life, under a new name.

At this point, we'll just have to wait to see where "Young and the Restless" is going with the storyline. Tell us in the comments section below if you think Chloe is really dead.

"Young and the Restless" airs weekdays on CBS.