Warner Bros. is preparing to bring the first 'Batman' film of the DC Extended Universe to the big screen by 2019. Ben Affleck is set to reprise his role, although, some have claimed that the actor won’t return for the role, but that’s still debatable until we know the full cast.

Speaking of the cast, rumors have popped up on the web saying the Penguin will likely be one of the main villains of the movie. For those who have little to no knowledge of Batman and his rogues, the Penguin is one of the primary villains who tend to cause trouble for The Batman on a regular basis.

He’s a type of kingpin who leads several gangs within and outside of Gotham City.

Because of this, he comes face to face with Batman on several occasions, and the majority of the time, he ends up in prison. Furthermore, this particular villain does not have super powers but does have a strange appearance, which is why he is known as the Penguin.

Who could play the Penguin on the big screen

At the moment, we have a live action Penguin and he has done a great job. The actor’s name is Robin Lord Taylor, and from our point of view, he’s the best we’ve seen of the character in a long time.

Now, because of his ties to the TV series, and the fact that he’s playing a Penguin that’s young and still learning the ropes, he’s not fit for taking his craft to the big screen. Well, at least where the Penguin character is concerned.

What about Josh Gad, he’s good, right?

DC and Warner Bros. seem to think so. Gad has in recent days, posted several images on social media that suggests the studio have chosen him to play the character on the silver screen. His images include one with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, the two top thinkers at DC Comics.

Not to mention, the image was taken at a DC Entertainment building, and to make things even more interesting, Josh Gad was holding a comic book with the Penguin on the front.

Not everyone is happy with Gad possibly becoming the Penguin, but one should note that he appeared in the “Beauty and the Beast” movie, and is set to appear in “Murder on the Orient Express.”

He’s managing to get himself in some big films, but we’ve yet to see the actor show off his acting in a role that would give us the impression he could play the Penguin.

Still, he could surprise us all in a swift moment.

Other villains rumored to appear

Other rumors claim The Joker could make an appearance, which would make perfect sense. The character's showcase in "Suicide Squad" was not ideal, and as such, we hope for a better performance in "The Batman."

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