The persona of "Wonder Woman" has long been considered as an icon in the history of superheroes. With most of the superhero population dominated by men, superwomen like Wonder Woman are deemed to be a rare gem. It has been a while since a movie focused on the DC Comics female superhero was released, and the production team for "Wonder Woman" 2017 really pulled all the stops to come up with a movie that would be a hit for all gender and ages.

Basing on the stellar reviews, it looks like Warner Bros.' latest movie venture can be considered as a big success.

That said, it would be safe to say that the company is considering to have a sequel for the movie.

Topbilled by Gal Gadot, "Wonder Woman" 2017 movie has exceeded expectations as it tackled several points of the superhero's life. Aside from the good reviews, DC Universe is reportedly on the verge of expanding so it is highly plausible that Gal Gadot might be reprising her role in a sequel.

When will the sequel be released?

In the movie solely focused on Wonder Woman, her origins were visited, making viewers, even the DC Comics newbies, understand her past and why she became who she is now. Previous movies like "Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice" also saw her helping the two iconic superheroes.

Wonder Woman seems to be a busy superhero as she returns to the big screen this November for "Justice League," where she helps Batman form the elite group of superheroes. The movie focused on Diana, the Amazon Princess turned superhero, concludes at the end of World War 1. With that in mind, fans are curious as to what period will the "Wonder Woman" sequel be based on.

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According to reports, the director of "Wonder Woman" herself, Patty Jenkins, has revealed that another period film has always been the plan for the sequel. That said, fans can expect to see Diana in a whole new time period in the sequel.

Modern times, not an option

According to reports, the movie sequel is expected to be set at a time after World War 1.

The possibility of the female DC Comics superhero to appear in current or modern times is pretty low as Patty Jenkins has expressed that they are excitedly planning for a contemporary set.

As of writing, Warner Bros. has yet to confirm or deny the reports about the sequel. Meanwhile, one of the movie producers, Charles Roven, also shared some information about the possible sequel. According to Roven, nothing has been finalized yet, and they are still in the process of brainstorming for the sequel knowing that it will greatly affect the future of "Wonder Woman" movies.