The eldest Duggar daughter, Jana Duggar, remains single while her other adult sisters have all gotten married. Her recent selfie sparked controversies, which said she does not have time to date because she is burdened with family responsibilities.

Jana's selfie caused mixed comments

The Duggar Family posted on Facebook a photo of Jana together with her younger siblings. It was captioned, "Jana decided it was time to get out of the house for an afternoon hike and she had plenty who wanted to go with her!" However, what was a simple update on how Jana is doing now have attracted negative comments toward her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

At age 27, Jana still has not married and instead, she has been taking care of her younger siblings. This has earned her the "Duggar Cinderella" title, and there are speculations that Jim Bob and Michelle are not allowing her to court, according to The Stir. Duggar supporters, meanwhile, pointed out that Jana does not look miserable in the picture. She has a genuine smile on her face. Some commented that maybe the reason why she's still single is that she is not really in a rush and is patiently waiting for “The One.”

Jana's courting rumors

As many Duggar fans have been looking forward to seeing Jana finally date someone and live her own life, she had been a subject of several rumors swirling around.

She was linked to a couple of guys, including Tim Tebow and Lawson Bates. One of the most recent names was Jonathan Hartono, a Duggar family friend. Jana and John-David met him seven years ago on a mission trip.

The rumors about their courtship emerged after Hartono was seen bowling with Jim Bob. People assumed the “date” has something to do with Jana.

It got fans excited, but unfortunately, the rumors weren't true. Jonathan himself set the record straight, saying that he and Jana were not dating.

“Definitely did not have a 1 on 1 date with Mr. Duggar it was a 1 versus 1 tiebreaker bowling game with everybody else watching LOL," Hartono, a foreign exchange student from Indonesia, wrote on social media.

"And, no, not courting Jana haha God Bless y’all #stillsingle."

Jana is still waiting for her Prince Charming. However, she admitted to Crown of Beauty magazine that waiting is not always easy, as reported by The Hollywood Gossip.

"Counting On" returns for Season 4 on TLC on June 12. The "19 Kids and Counting" spin-off will feature Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's wedding on its premiere.