On "General Hospital" no one has been seen in the Quartermaine mansions since Tracy left town on May 4th. Viewers already know that GH and Port Charles can go on without the Q's because it is doing so right now. There are several really great story lines that neither Ned nor Dillon are a part of. The hospital runs whether Monica is on screen or not. So the question would be: "Are the writers going to phase out this Grand Port Charles family?

Jason and Michael should embrace their Quartermaine heritage

Jason Morgan was raised Jason Quartermaine as the son of Alan and his mistress Susan Moore.

Monica adopted him so he is as much a true Q as his deceased brother Alan Quartermaine Jr.(A.J.) Jason's children Jake and Scout are 4th generation Quartermaines but because Jason changed his last name, they are legally Morgans. Michael is A.J.'s biological son even though he was raised by Sonny and Carly. He is running "ELQ" the family business but he is never shown in the boardroom. It's as if Tracy's exit was the final nail in the coffin.

The last time "ELQ" was in action was when Nicholas Cassadine was trying to take if from the Quartermaines. Michael helped get the company back but no one mentions it anymore. Michael and Jason should embrace their Quartermaine heritage. Along with Tracy's sons Dillon and Ned these young men should take ELQ by the helm and secure it for future generations.

'General Hospital' is shifting the focus

It seems as if "General Hospital" is attempting to shift the focus. Hospital business is being taken care of by Hayden Barnes. The two doctors seen the most are Dr. Finn who is on suspension and Griffin Monroe. Hayden is the biological daughter of Rick Weber making her a half sister to Elizabeth but the two men have absolutely no hospital connections.

There is absolutely no one minding the Quartermaine household.

Cook surely has been let go by now with no one to prepare meals for. The driver has to be sitting like the Maytag repairman because he has no one to drive around. Alice the maid along with Alan, A.J., Lila, and Edward has passed away. Monica is mostly shown at the hospital but what if she were in her house more often?

Who would she talk to and spar with now that Tracy is gone? It makes you wonder just what will become of the beautiful mansion viewers have loved for so long?

No spoiler alerts related to the Quartermaine mansion

Will the home of the Q's be relegated to once a year at Thanksgiving when the family sings "We gather together to ask the Lord's blessings" and eat pizza? Or will that tradition now become a thing of the past? Long time fans may find it difficult to watch now that the last original Quartermaine is no long in Port Charles. The powers that be are pretty quiet on this subject. There also are no spoiler alerts related to the future of the Quartermaine family.Right now on GH, the Chimera adventure is over.

The focus is on Lulu obtaining custody of Charlotte.

Spencer is back in town and Valentin is going to jail so there is still hope for Windemere, the Cassadine home. Whatever "General Hospital" decides to do regarding the Quartermaine legacy they should move quickly. Fill the home with love, laughter, intrigue and backstabbing relatives as in the past or put it out of its misery. Give Monica a family and have people fill the rooms, or let her sell it. But please just don't ignore the grand old mansion as if it were never a part of Port Charles.