lauren bushnell and Ben Higgins shocked the world when they confirmed their split. The two who met in the hit show, "The Bachelor" called off their engagement and Bushnell has finally revealed the reason behind their breakup.

According to a recent report from Hollywood Life, Lauren Bushnell has finally opened up about her real thoughts and feelings after breaking up with her fiance, Ben Higgins. She said they went through counselling together and individually, however, things did not work out for the two of them. Now, Bushnell admitted that she felt betrayed by Higgins.

Lauren Bushnell felt betrayed by Ben Higgins

The publication unveiled that Lauren Bushnell felt betrayed by her ex-fiance, Ben Higgins. Bushnell revealed that she tried so hard to move on from what had happened in the show, "The Bachelor." Unfortunately, she feels like Higgins was not honest to her.

Bushnell admitted that they tried to work things out between them, however, the past of Higgins and Jojo Fletcher keeps haunting her. According to Bushnell, she feels that marrying Higgins was not the right thing for her.

Lauren admitted that she was hurt by Higgins' love confession to Fletcher. She said she could not move on from what Higgins did when he told Fletcher he also loves her. She thinks Fletcher was aware of all the things that happened, which is why she felt betrayed because she wanted to know the full story.

Bushnell unhappy about Higgins' decision to do another TV show about their relationship

On the other side of the story, Bushnell revealed that she did not agree with Higgins about doing another reality show. According to her, she did not want to participate in "Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After" and that she did not support his decision to run for Colorado's state legislature.

The publication also revealed that Higgins and Bushnell's split was an amicable decision. Bushnell said there was no emotional abuse and no one cheated. She even stated that she felt so much love for Higgins, but she knows their love for each other was not enough to keep them together.

According to a report from the same outlet, Bushnell is currently busy with her business and is already back in the dating stage of her life.

Meanwhile, Higgins is set to work with Ashley Iaconetti for an interior project as he stated that Bushnell took most of their pieces of furniture with her when she moved back to Los Angeles.

Ben Higgins stated that Lauren Bushnell knows a lot about him and that he did not expect that their relationship would eventually end.

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