"Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 just ended a few weeks ago; however, fans are now eager to know about the details of the upcoming Season 14. Basically, the season finale has left everyone wanting for more. Unfortunately, no details have been officially given yet with the airing date of season 14. For the meantime, fans should wait for more updates as CBS may release its official schedule this fall.

End of September

Based on the last season finale, speculations reveal that the upcoming season will air in September. Most fans already know that the series is returning to its original Thursday night time slot, however, they would love it if the network will make the airing date clear.

While an official airing date has yet to be announced, some speculations pointed out that season 14 will be aired on September 28. Apparently, if this happens so, it will be the first for Shonda Rhimes to have TV series in all final seasons like "Scandal" and "How to Get Away with Murder."

For the meantime, lots of news are circulating online with regards to Rhimes' TV show. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure; she is definitely making a spinoff series for "Grey's Anatomy" which will focus on the firefighters who will be called as Seattle Fire.

Return of Megan

While everyone is excited for "Grey's Anatomy" season 14 to air, some revelations deal with the storyline of the upcoming season. It is believed that Megan is set to return this season.

Further, spoilers also reveal that Nathan will come rushing to her side as he learns that Megan is still alive. Apparently, Meredith will be left hanging in the air as Megan returns this time.

Meanwhile, season 14 also teases that Eliza will be fired by Bailey while Stephanie will pursue her life outside the walls of the hospital.

These things are among the unresolved stories which will be given answers on season 14. Some spoilers also reveal that something will happen in the lives of Alex, Jo, and Japril. Meanwhile, the other two doctors will be haunted by their guilt after believing that Megan is already dead.

Further, season 14 will also center on Amelia as she steps up in order to deal with the news that she got about the fate of her sister.

Owen, who knew something about the death of Megan, will also deal some important matters with Amelia.

Apparently, these spoilers are among the things that viewers should expect as season 14 returns on the air. For the meantime, while many questions are left unanswered, fans will only have to count for more days until the new season begins.