Lord Darnley is still alive and there are just two more episodes to go on "Reign." This suggests that a lot of real history that will be missed in Mary, Queen of Scots' life. However, she isn't the only person to lose out on real historical facts on the show. Her current husband, Lord Darnley, also has elements of his life skirted over for the sake of the show. Here's a look at three things you need to know about the real Henry Stuart.

He had a claim to the English throne

In fact, Mary and Darnley were cousins. "Reign" hasn't really focused on this, likely due to the way people will view the couple.

The two are direct descendants of Margaret Tudor, elder sister of Henry VIII of England. This makes them both cousins of Elizabeth I of England and gives them both rightful claims to the English throne.

Despite the claim to the English throne, Darnley has no claim to the Scottish throne. While he and Mary have the same grandmother, they don't have the same grandfather. When James IV of Scotland died, Margaret fled Scotland and married again in England, leading to Darnley's Lennox line.

He was despised by Scottish nobles

Nobody knew who to trust during this time period. Many countries were going through religious reformations, and that was the exact case in Scotland. Darnley and Mary were Catholic monarchs in a Protestant Scotland. It isn't that surprising that Darnley wasn't liked at all.

But he also wasn't liked by the Catholic nobles. He continually pushed them away as he pushed for the Crown Matrimonial. Even when Mary tried to reconcile with him after their son's birth, he was disliked enough by the nobles to be murdered.

Darnley suffered from smallpox

One of the most common diseases you will hear about in history is smallpox. Now eradicated due to vaccinations, the disease was dangerous and deadly.

"Reign" hasn't covered it in as much detail as it could. After all, Elizabeth I suffered from smallpox and used wigs and makeup to hide that fact. It's unclear whether the show will touch on that Darnley caught smallpox in the weeks before his death in 1567.

It's also unclear how the show will handle Darnley's murder. The death is one of the biggest mysteries in Scottish history.

While there are many theories and Bothwell was eventually blamed for it, it's unclear whether the man actually had anything to do with it.

"Reign" continues on Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW network. The series finale airs on June 16, 2017.

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