Not too long ago, “Riverdale” showrunner and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa intrigued fans with a hint at the season two premiere title. Now, he’s taken to Twitter to do it again for episode two with another snapshot of the cover a producer’s draft of the script.


Continuing the tradition of the episodes being like comic book segments, Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that the second episode of “Riverdale’s” second season will be “Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks.” Just as with the season premiere, the chapter indicates a continuous story, but the episode title is also a nod to a classic film. The question is: which one?

Nighthawks” is the name of two very different movies. One, a 1981 Sylvester Stallone flick, features a police officer having to hunt down and kill a terrorist. The other, a 1978 movie, has a gay man living a double life as he hides his sexuality from those around him.

Given the scandals that have already rocked “Riverdale” in its first season, either option could provide a clue about what’s to come. The latter seems a bit more likely with Casey Cott playing Kevin Keller, the only (at least, the only confirmed) main character who is gay in the small town. He spent plenty of his season one screen time having trysts with athletes and trying to romance a member of the Southside Serpents, and with him being a series regular in season two, this likely will be a Kevin-centric episode.

A more cryptic tease

Of course, the title isn’t the only tease in the tweet shared by the producer. He added the caption, “Come for the burgers, stay… for the rest of your life,” which sounds a little sinister considering how many deaths we’ve already seen on “Riverdale.” The image on the script’s cover was simply of comic book characters Archie, Jughead, Jughead’s dog, and Pop, at the counter of Pop’s.

Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe” looks to be a prominent location in season two. Season one ended in the diner with one character getting shot, and the first script cover also featured an image related to that cliffhanger. With more of Pop’s being teased in the image here, it looks like fans might be seeing Pop’s as more than just the place where Archie and company indulge in a milkshake once in awhile.

Of course, the tease could just be a reference to Jughead’s love of burgers in the comics, and might not be any deeper than that.

More season two news

Just like Casey Cott being upgraded to a series regular for the new season, another recurring cast member is moving up. Skeet Ulrich will also be a series regular.

Ulrich appeared as Jughead’s father FP Jones throughout season 1 and was the prime suspect in the murder of Jason Blossom. FP, despite being innocent of murder, still wound up in plenty of trouble at the end of the first season, and was set to serve at least some jail time. FP Jones becoming a regular will be interesting since Cole Sprouse has hinted in interviews after the season finale that Jughead will be getting a little darker in season two.

How dark? We’ll have to wait and see.

The first season of “Riverdale” can be streamed on Netflix now. The DVD and Blu-Ray sets will land on store shelves on August 15.

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