The "#Big Brother 19" spoilers from Thursday night (June 29) are going to be very shocking to fans. The "BB19" house was already down a Houseguest, as Cameron Heard got evicted on Day 1. When the CBS live feeds got turned on, though, it was very apparent that the house was missing a second person. Something dramatic happened inside the game and it is sending shockwaves across social media.

The first hint to some intriguing "Big Brother 19" spoilers getting revealed was that when the cameras panned to the kitchen downstairs, one of the photos was blacked out.

This is typically what happens when a houseguest is evicted, suggesting that something had taken place inside the "BB19" house after that first Eviction Ceremony. Fans and online subscribers were scrambling for a while to try to find more information on what had taken place.

Which 'BB19" cast member may have self-evicted?

The current "Big Brother 19" rumors state that Megan Lowder decided to self-evict herself. This is huge, as she would be the second "BB19" cast member to be gone before the third episode even airs on CBS. There are a lot of people posting on social media that Megan did indeed decide to walk away from the game, frustrating fans of Cameron Heard who feel that he should get a second shot.

Will producers let Cameron get back in the game?

During the Thursday night episode, the two nominees from Head of Household Cody Nickson were revealed. Those nominees were Megan Lowder and Jillian Parker, putting them at immediate risk of going home. When Cody stood up during the Nomination Ceremony, he stated that he didn't like Megan and then later Josh Martinez was shown arguing with her in the kitchen.

It's possible that Megan felt bullied while she was in the "BB19" house.

What will the 'Big Brother 19' season look like now?

There have been additional "Big Brother 19" spoilers from the live feeds, with Alex Ow acting like she had been nominated for eviction. This likely means that Alex and Jillian Parker are on the block and facing eviction during a live vote on Thursday night (July 5).

Alex was friends with Megan Lowder, so it's possible that there was a possible fall-out from that situation when Megan decided to self-evict. Is Alex Ow the new eviction target for Cody Nickson?

No matter the reason that Megan Lowder decided to self-evict, she has provided production with a lot of footage to show during the Sunday episode (July 2). There could be a lot of fireworks coming, which may be why production has been so slow to roll out facts from this season. The "BB19" house is definitely providing viewers a lot of entertainment and the weekend is coming. That could lead to even more "Big Brother 19" spoilers in the next few days.