Tom Cruise officially confirmed a piece of news that would bring delight to all "Top Gun" fans. According to earlier reports, the 54-year-old actor revealed that a sequel is underway for the hit film. Cruise told everyone this while promoting the upcoming film entitled "The Mummy," in an interview with Australian television program "Sunrise."

"It's true, yeah it's true. You know what? I'm going to start filming it probably in the next year. I know, it's happening, it is definitely happening," says the veteran star.

Details of Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun' sequel

It's been a blessed day for the said TV show since that was the first where Tom Cruise announced the sequel movie. As expected, the crowd showed an ecstatic reaction over the announcement. It can be recalled that last year, the actor shared how he was in the early stages of planning it with Jerry Bruckheimer.

According to E!News, Cruise said at "The Graham Norton Show" how they're trying to figure it all out, and this is also where he initially admitted the interest to once again star in the film.

Moreover, he reminisces about doing his own stunts and revealed that being involved in those plane scenarios was not easy as he thought it would be. Flying for the first time made him sick, but regardless of what he felt, Cruise has always been excited to do the job.

Cruise's on his experience in 1986's 'Top Gun.'

In "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Cruise shared that the first stunt he executed was guided by the flight instructor named Bozo. He would usually turn into the vomit bag prepared for him in between takes. Also, Cruise would describe himself being literally on the floor. Hopefully, his stunts would be a lot easier once he returns for "Top Gun 2."

On the hand, Jerry Bruckheimer also served as the producer along with Don Simpson in the original series.

It was inspired by an article published in a California Magazine three years prior to the film's release.

Aside from the "Edge of Tomorrow" actor, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis, Tom Skerritt and Val Kilmer starred in the film. "Top Gun" was released on May 16, 1986, and while the movie received mixed reactions, most of it were positive.

The stunts, effects, action sequence and of course, the acting skills of McGillis and Cruise were particularly praised. Furthermore, 'Top Gun' grossed over $356 million dollars despite a production budget of only $15 million dollars. On top of this, the critically acclaimed movie made history achieving several awards over the years.