On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Saul makes a move that reveals his love for Sally. Viewers have watched for several months as this young man has dealt with unrequited love. He walks around the Spectra building with his measuring tape around his shoulders and his heart on his sleeve. He desires Sally just as his grandfather Saul loved Sally's great aunt and namesake.

The Spectra team

Saul is a valued member of the Spectra team which also includes Darlita and Shirley. He has been with Sally since she came to LA. to make her mark in the world of fashion.

Saul is very dedicated and for several weeks he worked without pay. He also has dropped subtle hints that he would like his relationship with Sally to be something more. Week after week Saul smiles lovingly at Sally only to listen as she goes on and on about Thomas Forrester.

Saul has made snide remarks about Thomas being rich, spoiled, and having big muscles. When Mr. Forrester saved Spectra Fashions by giving Sally a check, Saul was indifferent and tried to downplay the heroic act, but was gracious enough to tell Thomas thank you.

Saul opens up to Sally

On Monday's show, Saul finally tried to stake his claim for the woman he loves. He tells her he has some money stashed away and says he will give it to her to keep the business afloat for a few weeks.

He asked her to give Thomas Forrester his money back and allow Saul to be her partner. He is referring to both business and pleasure, and he closes his eyes, preparing to give Sally a kiss. She smiles and turns her head so that the smooch lands on her cheek rather than her lips. Shirley walks in and interrupts the moment.

Sally knows that Saul is in love with her.

She has tried to ignore the elephant in the room, but now it is right in her face. She is going to have to let him down gently, but Saul will still be hurt. Sally loves this man who is so devoted to her but she is in love with Thomas Forrester. Deep down Saul knows this but he feels he must at least try to win his lady love.

It will not, however, make a difference.

Thomas and Sally declared their love for each other and spent the night together. They are now about to be business partners so there is no going back. Perhaps once Saul gets over Sally he and Darlita might get together. They are both quirky and witty and would make a great team. Their characters certainly could and should be developed into something more substantial than comic relief.