There are definitely two issues being raised by the readers regarding “The Winds Of Winter, which are the novel’s release date and its actual storyline. The first issue was already answered by its author George RR Martin as he admitted that his work commitment keeps him from finishing “TWoW”. He then reiterated that the book might be launching next year, 2018.

Jon Snow leads “The Winds of Winter”

With regards to “TWoW” storyline, a fan admitted that the dominant characters of the novel would be based on the number of times he/she was mentioned in some GRRM’s masterpiece.

From there, fans are expecting that the same highlighted character during the first season of the series will be the lead character for the upcoming installment. And with that, Jon Snow is seemingly the one who would dominate “The Winds of Winter”. As it was told, Snow was mentioned 3000 times by the author despite the fact that he is already dead.

It was then revealed that Snow is really a valuable character in the series and that many lives in “Game of Thrones” are greatly connected to him. As it was seen in the first few installments of Martin’s artwork, the character already made an impact on the both sides of the wall. It was then reiterated that Snow would be continuing this legacy forThe Winds Of Winter up until the last book the saga, “A Dream of Spring”.

Daenerys Targaryen gets to dominate “TWoW”

Other than Jon Snow, it is expected that Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, and Arya Stark will be having major exposures in the upcoming novel. In the last sneak peek for “The Winds of Winter”, it was remembered that Dany would go to Westeros in order to restore her clan’s dynasty.

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With this, fans are assuming that the latter will be an essential personality in the 6th installment of the saga.

“Game of Thrones” and “The Winds of Winter” distinction revealed

Meanwhile, George RR Martin finally gave a sneak peek of some unfinished chapters of “The Winds of Winter”. It was told that the author will get to use 21 different point-of-views for the notes.

Some POVs are included in “Game of Thrones” while some will be exclusive for “TWoW”. It was then revealed that Jon Snow’s death could be a clear indicator that the upcoming novel is really different from the “GOT”.

With that, fans should wait for more detailed information regarding “The Winds of Winter” release date and official storyline.