On "The Young and the Restless," Jack and Ashey are determined to find out the extent of the relationship between their mother and her companion. Jack even went so far as to suggest that Ashley flirt with Graham in order to gain information from him. Ashley refused, so Jack has been hounding Dina but is coming up empty. Their mother is keeping things close to the vest in terms of the real nature of her friendship with Mr. Bloodworth.

Dina and Graham remain mum

Ashley did meet with Graham on several occasions but stopped short of flirting. She asked about his connection to Dina but he did not reveal much.

Meanwhile, Jack was meeting with their mother and pushing her to reveal the true nature of her friendship with Graham. Dina only said that they are very close and that he is an excellent employee.

Last week Dina seemed jealous when she saw her companion and her daughter together. Later, she told Jack that the relationship is purely platonic. When Dina and Graham are together the viewers see a genuine affection but still have no clue in terms of what is really going on. Spoiler alerts do not seem to indicate when the mystery will be solved, either. For now, the song and dance continues, with Ashey attempting to obtain information from Graham, and Jack attempting to get more information from his mother.

It's clear that Ms. Mergeron and her companion are withholding information, but for now, they are not saying one word.

Dina tries to dissuade Jack

Jack tells his mother that he does not want anyone taking advantage of her -- even someone on her payroll. He shares that he believes Graham is waiting for a big payday from Dina.

She laughs and tells Jack that she is not some lonely old woman who is grateful for the smallest acts of kindness. Ms. Mergeron insists that she will not abandon Graham because he has always been there for her, and praises his business acumen. She wants her children to stay out of her relationship with Graham but they continue to push.

Whatever the dynamic is between Dina and Graham, they seem to have a genuine affection for one another. Jack, however, continues to be skeptical and cannot shake the feeling that this man is only after his mother's wealth. Both Jack and Ashley are protective of her. In the meantime, Graham reminds Ms. Mergeron that he was there for her when her family was not, and tells her that she can count on him to stay. It looks like the tug-of-war will continue, and Dina is loving it.