On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Chloe's family and friends gathered for her funeral. There was no mention of who orchestrated the arrangements or paid for the service. Kevin, Chloe's widower never mentioned seeing her body and the casket was closed. So what is really going on in Genoa City?

Chloe's alleged suicide

Spoiler alerts indicate what many "Y&R" fans already believe to be true. Chloe's supposed suicide by overdosing on pills has been faked. The mastermind could be Victor Newman, but how did he pull it off.? As her husband and next of kin, Kevin should have been the one to finalize all the arrangements.

On Monday, everyone came to the church where a closed casket awaited. Did someone convince Chole's widower to not show her body, or is he in on the plan with Victor?

It is totally understandable that Kevin desired a private funeral. After all, Chloe murdered Adam Newman. The question is why is no one questioning the quick funeral and closed casket? What reason could there be for Chloe's loved ones to not want to see her one final time and say their goodbyes? There is a mystery in Genoa City and it needs unraveling, and fans of the show are eager for answers and want to know if anyone in town actually saw Chloe's dead body.

The next phase for the Fisher family

Spoiler alerts are pretty accurate so if this one is true, it's not hard to determine a few scenarios for the Fisher family.

If indeed Victor is the mastermind behind this charade, Chloe is safe and sound somewhere out there. Kevin's character is supposed to be leaving the show in August so it stands to reason that some way some how Kevin, Chloe, and little Bella will reunite.

Some fans initially believed the DNA test was wrong and Billy was Bella's father.

This would cause Kevin to leave town out of grief from losing both his wife and child. Now that Chloe is presumed dead, Kevin may decide to take Bella away from Genoa City and start fresh somewhere else. If indeed Chloe is alive the most likely scenario would be for Kevin to find her and the three of them live happily ever after.

This would, of course, mean that Victor would have to let Kevin in on some of his secrets. And if Kevin returned to town at a later date he would have leverage over the Newman patriarch. Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" have two months to watch the plot unravel. That's not a lot of time in the land of daytime drama, but it will be enough for the writers to put all the ducks in a row before Kevin says his final goodbyes to Genoa City.