A great number of fans are still waiting for updates regarding the release date of the highly-anticipated novel “The Winds Of Winter”. It seems like nothing has ever been certain with regards to the said issue. However, certain reports claimed that the sixth book of the “A Song of Ice And Fire” might be released in 2018. What could be the cause of its delay: is George R.R. Martin really busy?

‘Winds Of Winter’ launch date

As per reports, sources told that “The Winds Of Winter” would not be released this year due to the fact that George R.R. Martin is really busy with some of his commitments.

Publications revealed that the famous writer chose to take a break from writing novels since he has more things to focus this year other than that. As a matter of fact, Martin confirmed that he is currently working with some of the finest writers for the Game of Thronesspinoffs. Not just that, there were even rumors admitting that the author has plans of directing the said series.

Other than that, it is expected that George R.R. Martin would be really busy with his newly-founded organization named the StageCoach Foundation, that has the primary goal to help young filmmakers developing their talents in producing and directing films. With that, reports told that the writer would be very hands on with it and would even ask for the help of his friends in Hollywood.

Martin working on ‘Games Of Thrones’

With his current commitments and hectic schedules, it is expected that George R.R. Martin’s “Winds of Winter” would hit the stores next year, 2018. However, experts revealed that there is still no official announcement with regards to the novel’s launch date, which is why fans should take all the information just a grain of salt.

Furthermore, Martin admitted that he is currently struggling with how the days had gone by so fast. In an interview made with him, he told that juggling with work, projects and family was really hard. However, he assured all his readers that all would calm down real soon.

‘Games Of Thrones’ is spoiling ‘Winds Of Winter’

Meanwhile, some readers already expressed their disappointment with the author, as “Winds Of Winter” has already been spoiled in “Games Of Thrones”.

While every complaint might be true, it is expected that Martin would do everything that he can to add some twists and unexpected revelation in the novel. Not just that, theories explained that there might be certain characters who would be alive in the novel despite of the fact that they were killed in the show.