"The White Princess" fans learned how the miniseries would end on June 4. It ended the exact same way as the book of the same name, which meant stories about Lizzie's life were left open for adaptation. Unfortunately, Jodie Comer quickly made it clear that a second season wouldn't happen, despite many fans wanting to see it. Now fans have taken to Twitter to start a #RenewTWP campaign hoping that Starz will change its mind.

Fans want to see the rest of Lizzie's life

For fans who haven't watch "The White Princess" season 1 finale, you'll want to look away now. There are spoilers in the rest of this article about the finale and what could come next in Lizzie's life.

The season finale ended with "The Boy's" execution. Lizzie fully believed that this boy was her youngest brother, Richard, Duke of York. However, she became focused on protecting her own children. Had Richard taken the throne and deposed Henry and Lizzie, their children wouldn't have been safe. There would have always been the threat of a Lancaster rebellion to put young Arthur on the throne.

Lizzie became more like the mother-in-law she hated in those final moments. Fans never got to see how Lizzie would cope after making that decision and what it would do to her relationship with Henry.

There are plenty of stories left to tell in 'The White Princess'

Lizzie's brother wasn't the only one executed. Margaret learned that her brother would also face the executioner's ax.

It would have been devastating for her, especially knowing that her cousin had effectively ordered this execution to take place.

Lizzie has completely alienated herself from her family to put her children first. On top of that, she will later have to go through the loss of a son and her last pregnancy that would ultimately end with her own death. There are plenty of stories to tell and fans want to see them play out.

They believe that if Starz knew it was going to end "The White Princess" with episode 8, it should have thought carefully about the way that ending would play out.

#RenewTWP for invested fans

Fans have now taken to Twitter to share their need for another season.

They want to get the hashtag #RenewTWP trending to get Starz to change its mind. This isn't about getting another Philippa Gregory novel adaptation but about continuing Lizzie and Henry's stories.

This isn't the first time a show's fans have taken to Twitter with requests for renewal. Just this year there have been two major renewal attempts, with one turning out surprisingly successful. #RenewChicagoJustice and #RenewTimeless have done the rounds, with the "Timeless" cancellation being reversed and season 2 confirmed for the summer of 2018.

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