"Walking Dead" fans are all abuzz after news revealing possible leaked photos that could very well reveal the answers to your questions once and for all, who Negan's kill victim('s) are.

Is a "Walking Dead" picture worth a thousand words?

Lets start by first saying this is not a verified spoiler, but if you take a look at the video that is included in the article below you might just finally be able to decide for yourselves as to what is really getting ready to go down on Sunday, October 23rd on AMC when the "Walking Dead" season seven finally returns.

We can all agree that it has been a long, hard wait between the season six cliffhanger finale and the season seven opener. Most fans who love to get the answers as soon as possible have spent the past several months devouring every bit of spoiler information available despite just how difficult AMC has tried to make it for all involved.

By now most know that Glenn and Abraham are leading the pack when it comes to fan death poll results. Needless to say that there have been a few suspicions that have been speculated along the way claiming that AMC might be planning something completely unexpected. It has been reported that the network filmed death scenes involving everyone in Negan's horrifying death circle and could use anyone of them at the last moment.

However, many do not believe this to be the case because that would alter the story many ways. All we really do know is AMC succeeded in keeping every fan questioning, guessing and anticipating along the way.

"Walking Dead" fans make the call: real, or fake images?

But let's get to the latest buzz, the photos. Are they real, or not?

The alleged Negan kill death photos are left for all "Walking Dead" fans to decipher, but, the video creator does raise some interesting questions along the way. It was noticed that the still shot of what is said to be Abe's reflection at about 1:32 does say "Fear the Walking Dead" at the bottom, not sure what is really happening with this one, how about you?

Regardless of what you decide at this moment, it is for sure that some are going to feel some very mixed emotions while viewing the photo and video, or you will be left once again in doubt as to who it is that Neganreallykills. We will all have the real answers in just a few more weeks.

The "Walking Dead" season seven returns Sunday night, October 23rd at 9p.m. on AMC. Get ready!