"The Vampire Diaries" TV show wrapped up on March 10 2017. It brought an end to the eight yearlong show and fans worldwide were devastated as the series finally ended. "The Vampire Diaries" TV adaptation was based on the book series written by L.J Smith and quickly adopted a cult following.

Nina Dobrev leaves 'The Vampire Diaries' two years before the show wraps

Nina Dobrev played character Elena Gilbert on "The Vampire Diaries" for six years before deciding that she needed to take a step away from the series to pursue other opportunities. The series carried on for a further two seasons before finally wrapping after season eight.

The six seasons she was a part of centered mainly on her relationships with the Salvatore brothers.

Ultimately, the show was geared in a direction of exploring the supernatural through these subsequent romances. From the onset, "The Vampire Diaries" consisted of a love triangle which was destined to be resolved at the series end. However, the departure of Dobrev meant that the series formula could not be carried on in the same manner. Her departure was unexpected as Elena Gilbert was intended to be there throughout all seasons of the show. This meant the arc of "The Vampire Diaries" had to be changed allowing for a show without main protagonist Elena Gilbert.

A refreshing new focus on long-term characters and their budding relationships

One thing that the departure of character Elena allowed for was the close relationship to develop between vampire Damon Salvatore and witch Bonnie Bennett.

Both reeling from the loss of their subsequent partner and best friend, Damon and Bonnie developed a witty and endearing friendship, which earned the fan name "Bamon". This unlikely friendship turned the pair into best friends, a fact that was referenced more than once throughout seasons seven and eight. Their friendship was filled with ups and downs creating a new focus point for their characters.

Another pairing, which occurred in the absence of Elena was "Steroline," the romantic relationship between characters Caroline Forbes and Stefan Salvatore. As the pair fell in love with each other one questioned the destined "Elena and Stefan" pairing as actors Paul Wesley and Candice King oozed with chemistry. These relationships would have likely remained unexplored if Elena were still on the scene.

Her absence allowed a refreshing new focus "The Vampire Diaries" deeply needed at the time.

Dobrev did return in the final season of "The Vampire Diaries" to finally sum up all the parts of the series as a whole. Her reappearance allowed fans to say their final farewells. It was fitting that she return, as she was the main character for the majority of the show. However, the show may have been better handled if her character had not returned. The series had adopted a new arc, which was put under pressure to allow Elena Gilbert her final moments with "The Vampire Diaries".

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