On Wednesday, a #jury was chosen for the June 5 trial of comedian #Bill Cosby after conflicting over the board's racial makeup.

12 jurors and six alternates were appointed to Cosby’s #Case. The jury is comprised of one black man, one black woman, six white men, and four white women. One black woman, one black man, and four white men make up the alternates. In conclusion, all but one member of the jury said they were accustomed with the accusations against Cosby. All swore to set their preceding awareness aside.

What about the racial divide?

The ethnic aspect of the panel became a point of dispute late Tuesday throughout the selection process at the Courthouse in Allegheny County.

Cosby’s attorneys objected when the prosecution impeded an African-American female from the jury, even though she stated she could fairly serve.

“We believe this is an organized segregation on African-Americans who answered that they could be objective,” said Mr. McMonagle, and attorney for Cosby.

“I think it is vital that there must be a diverse jury, and I believe that we will not get a diverse jury,” he said.

Prosecutors said the woman had been disqualified because she had worked on the #Pittsburgh police force, and she had been suspected of fabricating multiple time sheets in another criminal investigation. Prosecutors added that the charges filed were expunged, but that she could be predisposed against the action in the Cosby case.

The set start date for the trial is June 5 north of #Philadelphia in Montgomery County.

What did Cosby do?

Cosby, 79 is currently being charged with three counts of aggravated Indecent Assault, a felony, in the 2004 case involving #Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee.

Her accusations drove the only criminal case against him, but represent over 50 other females who have come forth declaring that in the past they were drugged and assaulted by Cosby.

Cosby has rejected all allegations. He and his layers have progressively claimed that his ethnicity played a role in the scandal that has entangled him.

Cosby, who flew into Pittsburgh, spoke momentarily after exiting the court.

“I want to be very precise about the great people of Allegheny County. I would also like to thank the sheriff’s department for their dedication and service, and I want to thank all of the individuals who have come to see my shows in Pittsburgh,” Cosby stated.

Cosby said that he would not testify in his defense at trial. If convicted, Cosby could face to up to 30 years in prison.