The success that Nintendo has achieved with its video game consoles has been impressive, and that success has led to collaboration with other franchises in terms of developing new events and video games. A few moments ago, new information was revealed about a new, potential collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Nintendo Inc. According to the information disclosed, it is part of a strategy to reveal surprises directly related to Pokémon.

So far, no details have been given regarding the potential announcement that is rumored to take place tomorrow.

In recent days, rumors surfaced on social networks about a new game called "Pokémon Stars," which is rumored to be in development for Nintendo. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but fans are eager for more news nonetheless.

The collaboration

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are expected to surprise fans with the introduction of “Pokémon Stars” -- a game that was rumored a few weeks ago. According to new information recently revealed, both companies have announced a new event, in which interesting details related to a possible Pokémon game will be revealed. Nintendo has announced that it is developing and updating two important video games: "Super Mario Odyssey" and the highly anticipated "Splatoon 2," however, the release of both has been delayed.

Nintendo understands that there is a large, worldwide community waiting impatiently for the arrival of at least a new game to satisfy their cravings, so it is being speculated that, at the very least, the launch date of “Pokémon Starts” may be announced. It will be interesting to see what happens either way. On the one hand, the game has only been rumored up to this point, so, it will be interesting to see if "Pokemon Stars" will be officially announced.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' on Nintendo Switch?

Much has been speculated about a new version of "Pokémon Sun And Moon" for the Nintendo Switch, and, according to revealed data, this new game will not bear the same name. On the other hand, speculation and rumors have also pointed to the fact that "Pokemon Stars" will be the next installment coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, "Pokémon Stars" would be the third game to complement "Pokémon Sun and Moon," but for the first time, this speculated third game will be launched on a different console. Ultimately, either way, whether you are playing "Pokemon Sun and Moon," Pokemon GO," or any other game related to the pocket monsters, there is a lot to look forward to.