As “The Originals” Season 4 finale is coming nearer, speculations regarding the next installment of the show easily surfaced online. Just recently, it was told that the renewal of the series might greatly affect Hope Mikaelson’s character. And as twists and turns would definitely happen in Season 5, creators of the show urged fans to not miss out the upcoming episode of “The Originals” entitled “The Feast of All Sinner”, which would air this coming Friday, June 23.

“The Original”: Hope transitions

According to IB Times, the upcoming episode of “The Originals” would feature a time jump that will transition Hope’s character from a child to a woman.

It was reported that the teenager Hope would be fully introduced in the show’s fifth season, while a sneak peeks of her appearance would be shown in the Season 4 finale.

Not just that, it was told that a spinoff showing an adult Hope would be possible real soon. As a matter of fact, a casting for an older Hope is reportedly in progress. Other than that, it was told that Hope would be studying at Caroline and Alaric’s school designed for people with supernatural gifts and abilities. However, Warner Bros. and The CW did not confirm nor deny any speculations regarding the said spinoff.

Summer Fontana finally speaks up

Meanwhile, Summer Fontana, the actress portraying the role of Hope, admitted that she couldn’t give any hints with regards to the fifth installment of “The Originals”.

With that, fans believe that there would be a great shift in Hope’s life so as the series is a concern. As she tweeted:

“Hey all! I appreciate your interest regarding me and S5 of the Originals, but I am not able to comment on it at this time. -Thx, Summer” - @SummerFontana

On the other hand, “The Originals” Season 4 is getting more intense than ever as “Voodoo Child” is all set for its release this June 16.

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The said episode would be immediately followed by “The Feast of All Sinners”, which would air this June 23. The said episodes were directed by Michael Grossman and Bethany Rooney respectively.

The Hollow Vs Klaus

Each episode would get to feature The Hollow as it was tagged a great entity that could never be killed. The said creature would focus on killing the weakest Mikaelson but Klaus will not permit it to do so.

The latter would do everything that he can to save his family, which will eventually lead him to ask for Elijah, Vincent, Rebekah, Hayley and Freya’s help.

The said episodes would get to air in the US every Friday only on The CW.