Hey, "The Originals" fans. We've got some very intense spoiler scoops to share with you guys for the upcoming episode 12 of the current season 4. Klaus is going to have to rely on Vincent to stop the Hollow. Freya will run into quite a confrontation at some point. Marcel is going to be very busy with a deadly backup plan if Vincent can't come through and more. We have the people over at the CW to thank for these spoiler teasers. They revealed them in a press release via Spoiler TV.

Voodoo Child

The title of this episode is revealed to be "Voodoo Child." It's not the most original name we've heard but it'll certainly do.

According to their official plot summary description, we're going to see the Hollow target the most vulnerable Mikaelson with its latest attack. This is going to cause Klaus to be put in a position where he'll be forced to have to rely on Vincent to defeat the Hollow. Vincent will believe that he can actually use the Hollow's own dark magic to defeat it forever.

Will Vincent be able to come through in this clutch moment? Or will other backup measures have to be taken? Those are the big questions for this storyline. For obvious reasons, they didn't answer those questions in this synopsis so we'll definitely have to wait until this episode airs to see how it will play out. One thing that we can definitely be sure of is that this plotline is going to offer up some very intense scenes to look forward to.

There's no doubt about that.

Backup plan

Next, they revealed that we're going to see Marcel really worry that Vincent's master plan might not work out. This is going to prompt him to come up with a backup plan of his own and it doesn't sound too pleasant at all as they describe it as being very deadly! Will Marcel actually have to resort to this lethal backup plan?

If so, what will it all entail? Those are the burning questions for this particular storyline. It definitely sounds intriguing.

Hope's future

Elsewhere, we're going to see Hayley become a victim to the Hollow's vicious manipulations. This unfortunate situation is going to cause Hayley to have a hard time figuring out what Hope's future will be in New Orleans.

That storyline sounds like it will be filled with a massive amount of problems. So, it'll certainly be interesting to see how it will all play out.

Last but most certainly not least, we're going to see Freya in action. It doesn't sound like she'll be having a good time at all as they say that she is going to be forced to confront her deepest and darkest fear! What could this crazy fear be? Will Freya be able to successfully confront it? Hopefully, we'll find out in this episode. This 12th installment was directed by Michael Grossman. They hired Michelle Paradise and Christopher Hollier to write the script. We can confirm that episode 12 is set to air next Friday night, June 16, 2017, at 7 p.m. central time on The CW. Stay tuned.

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