"The Mummy" is almost upon us and surely Tom Cruise fans can't wait for this monster of a movie. Get to know what else to expect from what is tagged as "one of Universal's finest horror franchises." Throw in some names like Russel Crowe and Sofia Boutella, and we have a highly-anticipated movie on our hands.

Here's what to expect

The Tom Cruise starring movie is expected to introduce two pivotal characters to Universal's Dark Universe, namely Sofia Boutella's Ahmanet and Russell Crowe's Dr. Henry Jeckyll. It is reported that one more monster may be in the mix too but there are still no clear indications as to who it would be.

The Mummy, Ahmanet, who many thought was safely slumbering in a crypt beneath the desert was awakened in the present day. Now, she's ready for vengeance and it's up to Cruise (Nick) to save the day.

In addition, BloodDisgusting recently came out with a vast photo gallery from the movie. It's enough to make fans squirm with excitement.

Hey, big spender

Meanwhile ads set for the Tom Cruise movie reportedly had a media value of roughly $7.83 million through Sunday (June 4). This was allocated for 1,394 national ad airings across 49 networks. The figures are rooted on calculations from May 29 to June 4. Universal seems to be focusing on the type of broad demographics appropriate for a supposed blockbuster - with the multiple span of programming that attracted top ad spending for “The Mummy” spots, which include not only the NBA Finals but shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “World of Dance.”

Will Cruise's character, Nick become a mummy?

Now, one hot topic many have been asking is -- will NIck become a mummy himself?

Well, it is known that Nick Morton was infected with Ahmanet's curse. The specifics on their direct connection is still a mystery, though.

The latest trailer for the movie showed Nick, who seemed to be slowly becoming like Ahmanet -- with the split eyes, which have become a euphemism of Ahmanet. With the next scene showing Nick throwing Ahmanet against a wall, could this mean that he developed legitimate supernatural powers as well?

But, what if Nick doesn't turn into a mummy? Does this mean he'll be in another installment, along with Dr. Jekyll, who will allegedly be some sort of connector for the franchise. If you're on the edge of your seat now, you only need to wait a few more days to know what will really happen.

What's your take on that piece of information about the movie? Catch "The Mummy" when it opens in theaters on Friday, June 9.