Mark Harmon has been mum about the real status of his health. This has made his fans wonder if he is really going to leave "NCIS" soon, which could also cause the cancellation of “NCIS” Season 15. According to Cartermatt, Mark Harmon’s character will have a major change in his role in the next season of "NCIS" Season 15. Fans are wondering if this is the reason why the show would take a hiatus in the future. A report from Buddy TV suggested that the showrunners of "NCIS" Season 14 should start focusing on the plot of the series. Critics reportedly think that the show has to balance the old and new characters in the story.

Is the health condition of Mark Harmon affecting the 'NCIS' plot?

Mark Harmon's health has been making the rounds and remains as a matter of discussion since his role in "NCIS" could be affected by his illness. Speculations suggest that the changes in the plot were actually arranged for Harmon’s character. In the upcoming season, Gibbs will be reportedly facing a consequence and a major change in his job in the series, which could be a way for him to exit the story.

Counsel and Heal also revealed that Harmon has been suffering from an illness, yet he still continues to work for the fans of "NCIS." According to reports, fans have noticed a massive change in his physical body, which made them wonder if he should already quit the show.

Just like any other TV series, no one knows the future of it. It is unsure if "NCIS" will still have a lot of stories to tell. Harmon even admitted in his past interview that he do not know how long the show would run, but he said he is enjoying his part in the series.

Harmon also admitted that he is not as healthy as he used to be when he was still young.

But, the veteran actor did not answer the fans' queries about his health condition. Perhaps, this is the reason why his health remains to be questionable.

Harmon's character will take on a new role in 'NCIS' Season 14

According to a report from Parade, Mark Harmon's character, Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs will be changing his mind, as he travels to Paraguay with other characters in the series.

Gibbs will travel with Torres to Paraguay to look for the missing parts of a Navy SEAL.

As per the report from the same outlet, Frank Cardea and George Schenck revealed that the new plot of the show will be affecting the lives of the characters. But, they stated that they aim to keep the quality of the show on top.

Fans of "NCIS" even revealed their plans to boycott the long-running TV series if Mark Harmon will leave the show. Meanwhile, other viewers feel that the producers should take a break from filming and wait for Harmon to become healthier.