The 2017 Nurses Ball on "General Hospital" was lacking the entertainment and style of previous years. There were also key Port Charles residents who were not in attendance. The writers really dropped the ball(no pun intended) on this one. The gala was also eclipsed by the Chimera Project.

The missing connection at the Nurses Ball.

In years gone by, all the participants except for a few extras were beloved characters on the show. This year things were really different. Epiphany and Felix no longer have screen time. They have not been involved in any major storylines since before Sabrina Santiago died.

Suddenly, however, they were back in action just in time to perform for the ball. Somehow these talented actors just do not seem to fit on "General Hospital" anymore. There are also two new characters on the show.

There are also new characters on the show. Nurse Amy, who seems to be a remake of Amy Vinning. Amy reportedly has a past with Maxie Jones and is spending time with Nathan. Amy sang and danced at the Nurses ball and did a good job but it was like looking at a stranger. She just doesn't seem to fit in. Then, there was Liesel Obrecht who was scheduled to perform at the Nurses Ball but went MIA. There was no rhyme or reason to the acts and the madness that went along wth them.

She was scheduled to perform at the annual gala but was a no show.

There was a noise in the back when Lucy Coe announced she would not perform. It was a subliminal message that Liesel may have been tied up so that Valentine Cassadine could sing but viewers never saw or heard from Obrecht. This was odd as she gave a rousing performance last year and many were looking forward to seeing her again. Also missing wee Magic Milo and the men of Port Charles who wowed with a dance performance for the past few years.

The Chimera changed everything

The emphasis on the 2017 Nurses Ball seemed to be more about Jake and the Chimera Project than the gala itself. Most all of the regular cast members were somehow connected to the canister in the box that held Jake's magic kit. The action and drama came after the ball was over and only those connected to the Chimera were left in the ballroom.

Helena Cassadine even appeared as a figment of Jake's imagination. Nina was held at gun point and Valentine shot at because of The Chimera.

If this is the best that "General Hospital" has to offer perhaps they should retire the Nurses Ball and not resurrect it again. In previous years there have been wedding proposals and dead characters to return to Port Charles during the ball." This year it seemed as if the writers were making a point to Tyler Christopher who left his role as Nicholas Cassadine. The emphasis on his uncle Valentine, Cassadine Island and brief appearance by Helena was as if they were telling him that the Cassadine name will go on on without him. This took time away from the ball as well as beloved characters whose talents the fans wanted to see.

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