"Avatar", the 2009 box office hit, has been one of the most benchmarking films in history. Being also one of James Cameron's finest piece of work, the director is giving his best shot to ensure all its sequels are successful. "Avatar 2" has been one of the most anticipated films, but there has been a long, long gap between its prequel.

Recently, Cameron brushed on the construction of "Avatar's" sequels. He stated that his focus is not only on "Avatar 2," but also on "Avatar 3," 4, and 5. Probably this the reason for the long gap between each film.

Looking back at his previous work, Cameron had a seven-year gap between "Terminator" and Terminator 2."

Joel David Moore to return in "Avatar 2."

Actor Joel David Moore will be returning in the film's second part as scientist Norm Spellman. Joel has put up an incredible performance in "Avatar," he was one of those most loved characters in the film. Cliff Curtis will also be playing a role as one of the key characters from the Metkayina clan in Pandora.

With the latest update, Cameron has already set the standards high for his film. "Avatar 2" will be releasing on 18 December 2020. It is a long wait for all its fans, but the wait is believed to be worthwhile.

James Cameron had finished the scripts for all sequels

The director announced that he had finally finished the scripts for all "Avatar" sequels, now it is time for the motion capture production to begin. However, the release dates for "Avatar 3," 4 and 5, has brought a little disappointment to some of the fans. With the last part releasing in 2025, people believe that it is too long because the excitement will eventually fade away.

Cameron also revealed that there will be continuous production on four sequels. Which means all four sequels will be filmed back to back. It is a tedious task for the director to focus on everything at the same time. Cameron's first blockbuster film was "Titanic," it was a massive hit until "Avatar" shattered all its records in 2009.

There are going to be lots of surprises in the film as they are all set to feature an underwater performance capture technology. The cast has not been confirmed yet since there are more people joining the sequel it is more likely to increase the number of members acting. "Avatar 2" is believed to have a storyline that connects to family and relations. Nothing has been mentioned about the action part, but everyone awaits to watch Jake Sully take over the tribe as a leader in Pandora.